Monday, 6 April 2015

Yet another bunny.

I don't do commissions and but there are a few people I can't say no to...
One of these bunnies found its way under our Easter tree last year and it was promptly purloined by L.  She adores it and every time I tried to put it back in the Easter decorations box she found it and got it back out again.  So when B requested her own version I didn't mind making her one at all.  It's a pattern bought from a local yarn shop.  They don't sell it on-line, though they do have a kit available.  It takes just a smidgen of sock wool to make, 25g would be a generous estimate I think.
We are enjoying our Easter holiday.  It's such a lovely time of year with the flowers breaking through and the occasional drone of a sleepy bee waking up to the world.  I spotted my first butterflies of the year on a dog walk the other day.
As usual we have our little Easter tree out, much to the amusement of Reggie the Cat.  Here is a picture of B putting right the damage he did by knocking it off the table yesterday...
Behind her on the windowsill are all the lovely Easter crafts the girls have made with their childminder, there is quite an Easter display in our house at the moment!
On my needles for the next week or so are a pair of socks in my favourite opal sock yarn, I should have them done quite quickly.  I had a bit of a disaster with a pair I was knitting recently, I wasn't at all keen on the colour (which to me resembled a dirty kitchen floor) and then I made a mistake in the pattern and so last night frogged them in a fit of frustration.  All my own fault for trying to knit a patterned pair of socks while watching a great film (Django Unchained, violent but clever).   Anyway, I'm going back to a good old plain sock in a pretty self patterning yarn.  Lovely.
I hope you are having a happy, crafty Easter.


  1. Your girls are simply the most adorable little angels! I'm glad you frogged the kitchen floor yarn - ugh. I look forward to seeing your self striping ones. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. She is a cutie. I love her purple tights in that outift.

  3. The bunny is very cute, I can see why more are needed.

  4. The girls are so cute! Oh my goodness they are adorable. Love teh little bunny.

  5. Sweet! So glad you are having a good holiday with the exception of the dirty kitchen floor colored
    socks :) I was so happy I got the ribbing right on the last baby hat I finished, and switching to larger needles for the rest of the hat helped as well. Progress for both of us!! xx

  6. Gorgeous snapshots of your girls!! I can completely understand L's attachment to bunny and having to have one of her own....bunny looks so huggable :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)