Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hairy Maclary and Opal Plumsted

Another long absence, but today I feel compelled to reopen my little blog for business.  I don't know why really, we're funny old creatures aren't we?
Last Thursday in the UK it was World Book Day, where parents (mostly but not exclusively mothers) up and down the country are compelled to either buy or make their children costumes reflecting a character from a book.  I must admit that my heart sank when B announced a few weeks ago that she wished to dress up as Hairy Maclary, the small black scottie dog who stars in his own fabulous series of children's books.  I remember a few years ago sitting up until the small yours of the morning making L a set of Dobby ears after she decided that she couldn't face going as Hermione because half the girls in her class were doing the same.
With that night in mind I got organised and ordered some black fun fur.  Then I promptly forgot all about making the actual costume until 2 days before the big day.  Fortunately I happened upon an absolutely lovely and relatively simple sewing pattern for hood with ears on this lovely blog.  Once I got down to it it took about three hours altogether, not including an emergency trip to my local sewing shop (sweetly named Sew and So) for large poppers and some bits for L's outfit as well.  The friendly woman behind the counter said that they had been busy all week with mums popping in for bits and pieces for costumes!
Anyway, here she is in her Hairy Maclary hood...
I also knocked up a very quick and scruffy tabard with the remaining fun fur and a collar with some of the tartan.  The label read "Hairy Maclary, if found please return to Donaldson Dairy"...
My photos are terrible, I think black things are very difficult to get good shots of and I'm very out of practice. She looked super-cute anyway!
L's costume was very simple this year.  She wanted to go as the heroine of "Opal Plumsted", one of Jacqueline Wilson's historical novels.  I bought some purple, white and green webbing and quickly seamed it to make her a Suffragette sash and then we just tied some purple, green and white ribbon around her straw hat...
She looked super-cute as well.
As for other crafts.  I have another pair of socks on my dpns, but I try not to show you socks until they are finished because I don't want this to turn it to a sock blog.  There are plenty of those around already!  I have also just started a project which I have been wanting to make for a very long time, ever since seeing the beautiful version Teresa made from Alica Paulson's shop...
I haven't bought the kit and I'm afraid my version will be made from very standard felt and fabrics which I have stashed away as I am on a strict craft buying diet.  I cleared out my craft cupboard and got rid of two full bags of craft supplies I was never going to use (all gone to charity), threw away projects which I was never going to finish and had a whole black bag full of rubbish as well.  It felt amazing to clear the decks and reassess.  I actually think it made me want to start on my blog again, I felt as light as air!
Please forgive me if I don't manage to read and comment on your blogs as much as I would like, nothing could have prepared me for life as a working mother but at least I've got my crafting mojo back.


  1. I'm so glad to see you post! Your daughter looks adorable in both of her costumes! You are going to LOVE making Maggie Rabbit! And your daughter will love it, that is if you let her play with *your* bunny. LOL! I look forward to seeing her as you make it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What super costumes. We had our dress up day on Friday, but it is amazing how many children come in expensive, bought (and not very good) costumes. I had forgotten about Hairy Mclarey. My children used to love those books.

  3. You have clever hands. I'm so happy thou decided to post about these adorable costumes. I'm looking for new books for my youngest to read. She is dying for a dog and had this Scottish terrier dress as a toddler that she was so sad to give up a while ago. I will see if our library carries Hairy Maclary.

  4. You are a very good, creative, Mum, Hilly T !!! I loved the 7 years I worked as a TA in an elementary school in NY, but I remember the challenge it was when my girls were the age of yours and my 2 sons were going through their trying teens at the same time...Mercy :-) I am cheering you on from across the pond! xx