Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Some bits of pretty

This week has had its share of little highlights I would like to remember.
My girls have rediscovered Lego, and found it to be a different experience altogether when helped by a mischievous cat...
I love to see them playing with lego, we have some fancy Hobbit lego which they enjoy building with their father but normal lego has a charm all of its own.
We made our way over to Slimbridge WWT and my husband took some pictures of the birds...
We are members so make the effort to go over there quite often, I have to say that the girls are mostly interested in the flamingos and the adventure playgrounds but we manage to persuade them to look at some of the other birds occasionally.  I like this one with the bright blue bill, when they dive down into the water they seem to stay there for an eternity, we like to follow the trail of bubbles and predict where they'll pop up again...
I've also been enjoying catching up on lots of blogs this week and making time to comment.  If I haven't got to yours yet I'm sure I will in the next couple of days.


  1. Cats and Lego are always a 'good' combination ;-)!
    One of our cats has exactly the same colour as yours :).
    So funny you mention Slimbridge; years ago I went there with my parents and sister when we were
    on holiday in the Cotswolds... We were teenagers then, and not that interested in birds I'm ashamed to say... That has changed now though ;)!
    Love from Mirjam.

  2. Animals can have fun, quirky personalities. Flamingoes are always fun to see. Their coloring is pretty.

  3. Lego is much loved in this house too :). My eldest usually has a carpet of it in his bedroom!

  4. I have a basketful of Lego for the younger set to play with when visiting, and I consider them to be a wonderful investment...even if a temptation for furry friends :) Lovely interesting birds you get to view. Thanks for letting me enjoy viewing some of them, too, Hilly T ! xx