Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Pretty Tuesday 4

We haven't had a photogenic week here in Hilly Town, there's been plenty going on but nothing much caught my attention as I looked through our photographs from the last few days.  I know from experience that if I give up on my Tuesday meanderings though our life this week I may not pick them up again, and I do want to journal part of our lives here as well as my crafty stuff, so I grabbed our new camera and the dog and set out of the front door for a walk around my own little part of Hilly Town...
We walked up by the allotments.  I would like an allotment one day, but at the moment I don't have control of my own tiny garden so this isn't the time to do it.  Soon those little stick pyramids will be covered in Sweet Peas.  I love this view over the hills and far away.
Then I thought I would pass by the Church, I'm fond of this little Church and its peaceful churchyard, it has several different possible routes of approach but this little gateway appeals to me...
A former Vicar of this Church was The Revd. W. Awdry who wrote the Thomas the Tank Engine books, there is a window dedicated to him inside which I will try to photograph some time.  I might need to consult Mr HT though because I suspect it will be difficult to capture.
In the churchyard I found a tree in blossom, I love this shade of pink...
And finally, just to show there has been craft happening, L and B have both been learning to knit.  B has had her very first try, goodness me but those needles are awkward for her to handle at the moment and she gets easily frustrated by it so I'm just leaving her to show an interest again.  L has been leaning to purl so that she can move on a little with her knitting.  Again her boredom threshold is low, but I think one day they will be glad they learnt the basics as children.  At some point if they want to learn more they can either ask one of their knitting relatives or do what the rest of us do and consult YouTube...
Later today I am hoping to catch up with some of you on your blogs and to finish a sock, more of which tomorrow.  
I hope your Tuesday is pretty.


  1. Lovely photos and explorations, Harriet, and I am cheering you on in your willingness to teach your girls to knit! Bravo! xx

  2. Such gorgeous photos, you live in such a beautiful area.

  3. What is an allotment? You have to pay for gardening space? I like gateways like that. They have a magical appeal.