Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pretty Tuesday

Another anti-alliterative round up of our families escapades and pleasing events of the week.

Rediscovering use of the pen through elaborate doodles loosely but not exclusively based on the phenomenon of "zentangles"...
I can't really draw, but these tend to turn out really pretty with very little actual artistic skill involved, I was pleased with this one...
A particular highlight of our week was going to see Cirque Du Soleil at the NEC in Birmingham.  They were absolutely amazing but there were no photographs allowed (not surprisingly if you have ever seen it, those acts must require inhuman amounts of concentration as well as physical skill), so I just took a lame picture of our programme and tickets instead...
Visiting a farm and play barn with a some of our dearest friends we met this friendly alpaca...
what a gorgeous creature!
And finally a picture of a poppy which is growing in my parents in law's garden...
A spectacular colour, and I love those buds.  Just beautiful.


  1. My dear, yes you CAN draw! That work is amazing and I think you should frame it and hang it in a place of honor! We're on the same wavelength as I just taught the boys to watercolor paint and I did a painting of Mt. Hood while they worked. I'll show it on my blog tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lots of loveliness! I hope to see Cirque de Soliel someday--I have repeatedly heard how amazing they are. I miss my days of watercolors and drawings with my young brood-they are all grown up now. Your poppy reminds me of my Grandfather--he would tell me they were his favorite flower. Over here we call them California Poppies.

  3. Great photos. I wanna Zentangle. I need a small, doodling book. This summer I will start. Cirque due Soleil rocks. I want to take my girls. They'd appreciate it.

  4. Harriet, you ARE an artist! Thanks for another pretty Tuesday post!! xx

  5. I want to see that alpaca up close right now, beautiful!

  6. Doodles are so much fun. Yours look so cool! Love that beautiful photo of the poppy. My favorite color.