Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pretty Tuesday 3

Some of the things which have pleased me this week...

On Saturday we were woken by a peculiar noise, I looked out of the window and there were about 15 hot air balloons floating over our road.  The noise we heard was the sound of the gas which fills the balloons, it was a bit early but nevertheless a fun thing to see...
On a walk in the field I managed to get this pretty picture of an Orange Tip butterfly, butterfly photography is not easy I have discovered but this one obviously felt obliging...
A close up of the most ordinary thing in the world, a dandelion clock, when you look closely they are amazing...
Correct procedure with a dandelion clock...
And again, just sheer childhood exuberance, running through the buttercups (hold onto your hat)...
Finally a big silly dog, just because he really is daft and that makes me smile...
I'm enjoying putting together these Pretty Tuesday posts, they're set to stay a while.


  1. So pretty! I have never heard the term, dandelion "clock" before--how interesting. Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog yesterday-I am dropping by to let you know the sock has been frogged for the 3rd time and I have chosen a different pattern and different yarn-the previous yarn is going in timeout!

  2. I went up in a hot air balloon once, it was amazing.

  3. Sounds like a link up in the making!

  4. Great pictures. Made me smile big time. <3

  5. Your pictures capture everything that I love about Spring :)

  6. Ohhh, thanks so much for a beautiful post that prompts me to smile at you as I type! xx

  7. What a sight to behold, those hot air balloons. Have there been accidents with those on your side of the pond? There has been a few scarily enough.
    Childhood and pets are so free in expression. That's a fabulous shot of your daughter blowing the dandelion and running happily.

  8. Hi Harriet, what an amazing thing to wake up to!!

    I've been reading through your posts and your knit pro bag is awesome! I've never seen anything like it, it's brilliant :-)

    I'm also really impressed with your finished and WIP socks, they look really cosy!

    Nicole x