Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Pretty Tuesday 2

As threatened I am returning with another Pretty Tuesday post: the stupidest name for a regular weekly slot ever, without even the merest hint of alliteration.  No rules or standards apply here, I think its purpose is just to journal some of the things in my week which I think are worth remembering.

Today on Pretty Tuesday I want to share with you this photo taken on a walk up to Rodborough Common last weekend...
I'll be honest and say that it was a tad windy, but to me this photograph is of pure exuberance, and what's not beautiful about that?

Staying with the family theme I would like to show you the pretty cake that Mr HT's aunt made her gorgeous daughter for her 18th birthday party last week...
Isn't it fab?  The only time I ever tried to decorate a cake it was one of those ones where the cake is the doll's skirt and it was such a disaster that an hour before the party Mr HT had to be despatched to the supermarket to buy one shaped as a caterpillar.  Oh the shame.

I still remember meeting Mr HTs relatives and how tiny the children were then, now they are all working or involved in higher education.  Strangely though I don't feel a day older despite motherhood, employment, home ownership and all the other rigmaroles of adult life.  Perhaps that's just as well.

Finally, just because he really is very pretty and so is she, a photo of one cat and his girl...
What a big boy he's become!  I'm not sure what he's thinking here but I suspect it involves not sharing the bed under any circumstances.

All photo credits for today's post must go to Mr HT, not one of them is mine.  Thanks handsome.
Happy Pretty Tuesday.  I'll be back tomorrow for the far more thoughtfully named Work In Progress Wednesday.


  1. Fabulous pictures in this post. The first is natural and definitely shows what children are about.

  2. I love all the photos.. what a good husband you have! My dear one will take a photo or two for me also. Nothing better than a good photog for a spouse! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Exuberance is a brilliant word, it just sums it up. The cake looks amazing, I've always wanted to be good at decorating cakes, but alas no...I'm not bad at baking though, and I guess as long as they taste nice, that's half the battle. Our cat is 14 and sleeps indifferent places everyday, but at night, always with middle boy...