Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter 2014

Am I alone in preferring Easter to Christmas?  Maybe I am, but it's a time of year where I can focus on what's important rather than concerning myself with a level of expectation which I cannot possibly hope to live up to.  I also love Easter symbols, eggs and rabbits amongst them, and whilst I know that they have very little relation to my Christian beliefs they are still charming and lend themselves to crafts.
Here is a little rabbit I knocked up from some left over sock yarn...
He really didn't take me very long, a couple of evenings if that.  I bought the pattern from this lovely shop, Mother Goose in Nailsworth, which is local to me.  Her shop is full of these rabbits at the moment, made from all sorts of yarns.  I have looked online and I can't see the pattern for sale unfortunately but she does sell a kit for a bigger bunny made from vegan banana wool (intriguing).  My pattern only cost me a couple of pounds and was very easy to follow.  We are fortunate in the Cotswolds to have lots of lovely yarn available but this is a favourite shop of mine, the staff are friendly and helpful but allow you to look at their stunning yarns in peace.  Perfect.
He sits under the little Easter tree and that's it for decorations together with some fresh flowers...
The day started with an Easter egg hunt, followed by Church and then lunch with some of my family. Now my girls are busy making Hobbit lego with Daddy...
Oh, and eating far too much chocolate of course...
Please be patient with me if I haven't visited your blog for a while, I'm just doing what I can at the moment.
I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed Easter.


  1. I love your bunny! I'm working on a lamb for my youngest granddaughter. It will be a friend to the purple bunny I made for my older GD. I love handmade decorations for all the holidays!

    ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Easter! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely bunny, I knitted a bunny a few years ago which my middle boy has, he's quite cute in my lopsided early knitting, although I'm not convinced a did a good job with the ends, so he may not be handed down the generations. Our Easter has been lovely, very relaxing, we are on holiday at the moment and had planned to find a church, but it all went a little pear shaped...ah well! Happy Easter!

  3. Awww! I'm coveting your little bunny right now. Glad you and your ohana are having a great Easter.

  4. I love your little rabbit. I also much prefer Easter to Christmas. Much less pressure, and everything starting to warm up.

  5. Awww little rabbit is very cute! I love his long floppy ears and his patchworky colours :-)

    I prefer Christmas but I do get where you're coming from, Easter is a nice holiday and there's less pressure and present buying. I'm resisting the urge to eat all the chocolate eggs!

  6. Easter is probably the most laid back and enjoyable holiday for my family. Plus I look forward to the baskets full of candy, pastel eggs and adorable bunnies after such a long winter. Love your knitted bunny, especially the floppy ears.