Saturday, 4 January 2014

Woolly Wonderful

Many moons ago I made my mother a scarf as a little gift when she had broken her leg.  I am happy to say that she wears it a lot and it has stood the test of time with no major problems (a vote of confidence for King Cole Riot DK).  When the family came over for Christmas my sister (C) saw said scarf and quietly asked me if I could make her something with similar variegated wool.  Now, I'm a big fan of Riot but when I made the Broken Leg Scarf I didn't realise that it might turn out a little itchy.   Since then I have used Riot a couple of times for shawls and find that I don't wear them all that much, even though I love the results visually.  So it was that I hunted down a different brand called Mary Maxim Prism DK, from the internet and ordered two different colours, the one pictured above (Still Waters) and the one pictured below, which is called Cut Glass ...
This yarn isn't widely available in the UK but I can report that it is extremely pretty and softish.  I had thought that as it is 100% acrylic (I don't use wool much because it makes me itch) it would be very soft but having now worked some up I'm not 100% sure.  I think it will soften up well after a good soaking and blocking.
The pattern is called Spring Ripple Scarf and is available very inexpensively (less than two pounds) on Ravelry.  I never mind paying for a pattern if I think it is really pretty and this one is a gem.  It is also, once you get going, fast and easy; though I found I definitely needed the diagram. The stitch pattern is lovely...
and the stripes of the yarn work very well with it.  The stripes in Riot would suit it as well.
I am planning to make this scarf and another with the Cut Glass colour over the next couple of weeks. I think I might try a Claudia but I also wondered whether any of you had found a scarf pattern which you enjoyed and think might work with this yarn?  I'm open to suggestions and am happy to pay for a pattern if it's a beauty, though free is lovely!  I know I am asking exactly the right people.
Thank you so much for your comments last time, I thought I might not have anybody read my post after such a long time and it is so nice to be back in touch.


  1. Hello HillyT
    Many thanks for your comments on my previous post.
    It does look very soft to me and lovely to look at although I have found this has happened before. beautifully soft looking and then scratchy. I'm going to keep a look out for that yarn but will wait to hear about the final results of this make of yours. I Have found Katia yarns very soft and also Red Heart Baby super soft but the latter is an Aran yarn so quite a bit thicker.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I have not knit many scarfs but this pattern worked up really well for me, using a multicolored yarn..And it is free:

  3. Wow, that is gorgeous yarn and is working up beautiful! I also love the pattern you're using! Good job! Enjoy your weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I love the colors of your mum's scarf. Reminds me almost of what I have in Crystal Palace Mochi.

  5. I think the yarn is so gorgeous, and I bet it will all soften up with a good soaking, acrylic yarn tends to get better with use.

    Great pattern,

  6. It's such a shame when lovely wool is just too itchy :( For that same reason I rarely use it. Maybe you could wear your shawls over a jumper or a coat so it's not actually touching your skin? Kind of defeats the point of them but you'd get to wear it and be lovely :)

    Your Mary Maxim Prism yarn looks a bit like what I made a cowl from, Lang Yarns Mille Colori was what I used and I got mine in the UK. I think it's a blend of 50% wool / 50% acrylic so it's a not as soft as say stylecraft but definitely not itch like 100% wool :)

    P.S I know what you mean about coming back to blogging after a break, you do wonder if people are out there but we are! x

  7. Oh that is a gorgeous yarn! I hate it when you see beautiful yarn that isn't so soft....I love the colour changes in the scarf!

  8. Very pretty. I love reading your blog. XO

  9. I'm a very itchy and scratchy person too so I love yarn that is beautiful to look at, soft to handle and doesn't itch! Looks like this fits the bill as it looks fabulous. i agree with you, yummy pattern, and reasonable too. I am happy to pay a couple of pounds for a pattern, but £5-6+ when you are using your own ink is too much! Happy knitting and crocheting this year Fxx

  10. I think once you get a thing about something being itchy that's it friend made me a lovely cowl with sequins in it , it so pretty but I wore it on a day I was feeling squirmy, and when ever I see it now, it makes me want to squirm again!

    I like that yarn, very pretty, i haven't made many scarves, but one I think was nice and suits that colour change yarn is called Visit to Kancentrum (but I'm very good at misremembering things) on my ravelry projects, I did it in riot and it was really pretty I think.

  11. Ohhhh, very pretty, Hilly T ! I love the color combinations you have used/are using. The softness of Merino wool really appeals to me and is comfy in the cowls and scarves I have made. I am practicing Continental style knitting on the garter stitch blanket I started ages ago and am using bulky Merino for it, too :) xx

  12. Wow, that is looking gorgeous so far. Such pretty colors! It might be just the thing to recharge my crocheting. I made a knitted stole/shawl that worked really well with yarn with long color repeats.