Saturday, 18 January 2014

The strangest thing I have made so far...

Good morning, I'm a little late for FO Friday but yesterday was somewhat of an epic day at work so I spent the evening in a heap on the sofa, not even holding my hook.  Most unusual.
Let me introduce you to the strangest thing I have made so far...
People who are kind enough to read my blog on a regular basis will know that I am a fan of Lucy Ravenscar's patterns and have attempted several of them over the last year or so.  The patterns themselves are always clearly written and quirky, which makes them ideal in my opinion.  This is a "Mother Spirit Amigurumi", although I left off the horns.  Full details are here.  She was always intended to be a present for one of my God-daughters (K) but because of my finger injury she didn't make it there until K's birthday this week rather than Christmas.  I don't know K as well as I would like because her family (some of my favourite people) live miles away but I know she is a great reader and has somewhat of a quirky disposition herself so I hoped this funny creature would appeal.
When I had finished it I felt it looked a little woeful; the original pattern doesn't have a mouth but my girls always insist my creatures need to means to express themselves so I braved a little embroidery...
There, much less pensive.
I managed (by some miracle) to get it to K on time and apparently she saw immediately that this is actually a house elf in a onesy, meaning of course that she is a free elf as she has clothes.  She has been named Cupcake and sleeps in the pocket of a giant owl.  These are all the reasons why she belongs with K, I didn't know any of those things about her until K pointed them out.
Now onto projects new and another scarf.  I just couldn't leave the Spring Ripple pattern alone, it's turning into a bit of a favourite so another is on my hook at the moment.  It's a great take-along pattern, perfect for making in short bursts or while you're watching TV.
It's been ever so wet and chilly her in the UK,  this is a fairly typical outlook from our house at the moment...
No sunshine and a cat who can't quite bring himself to get his paws wet.


  1. I love Cupcake!
    Funnily enough the weather is pretty much the same on the opposite hills to you. The dog doesn't want to go out in the rain.

  2. Seems K and I are on the same wavelength. I looked at Cupcake and immediately thought "free house elf."

  3. She is neat-o! I like how you put her in fuzzy yarn too. I was gonna say she could be part of Yoda's Jedi ohana, but I love K's far better description. Elf in a one-sie. Only a child would be that creative.

  4. She was adorable without the smile, but looks so, so happy with it. Very cute.

  5. LOVE the elf and that she is a free elf.. yes, I got the reference to the elf when he got the socks in Harry Potter.. fun stuff. Can't wait to see what you do next! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It sounds like cupcake was made for the correct person, given that she now lives in the pocket of an owl. It sounds very Terry Pratchett like :-)

  7. It is a wonderful thing when the gift and recipient are so well matched. Of course, Cupcake is pretty awesome.