Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Dangerously mediocre sewing post alert.

There comes a time in most crafty girls' lives that they need a little variety, so with the remainder of my Christmas money I treated myself to some fresh craft supplies on ebay a couple of weeks ago, rainbows of felt in brights...
and pastels (the photo of the pastels didn't come out very well but I'm sure you get the idea).
I have a felt board on pinterest and I'd been itching to try out some ideas so after dropping off the girls at school today I awarded myself a day off to do as I wished, and spent a happy time playing with a load of my craft supplies.  
It turns out I can make a lot of mess in the course of a day if I set my mind to it...
Yikes!  Still, it was lots of fun, I didn't even put on the radio, I just cut and sewed in splendid quiet with only sleeping animals for company.  I'm guessing that you can't really pick out what I actually produced in that mess so I cleared it all away and took some photos of my efforts.  I am afraid I am rather underwhelmed by them, but they are only the first steps towards felt virtuosity, everybody starts somewhere right?
I started with a rabbit brooch...
I actually quite like this one but my embroidery is very shabby, much more work is needed.
Then I moved on to a flower brooch which rapidly became an easter egg when I realised I would never wear it, I have a vague notion of a wall hanging or bunting so this one is still a work in progress...
Hmmm, turns out metallic thread is even more difficult to stitch with than normal thread.
Then I had a try at a bird brooch...
I should have done the blanket stitch in a neutral colour I think, the shape is fine but the details need refining.
So, not a day wasted because I've learnt a lot of skills but in terms of outcome a little bit blah.  Do you ever have days like that, where nothing quite works as you would like?


  1. I don't know how you can evening think of using the word 'mediocre' when your pictures are full of brightly coloured felt and lovely cottons! The delicate stitching on these tiny objects is super and I particularly like little flowery green bunny brooch - what a fab idea!
    B x

  2. I think they are fabulists, mediocre is not a word I would ever associate with your creations.

  3. Yes, I do have times when I am less than pleased with what I have made, but honestly, I agree with the comments above. Your post is wonderfully cheery and the presentation of your makes so well done...and what you have made does not seem mediocre to me! I like the contrasting color on your sweet little bird, too :) xx

  4. I loved the thumbnail to your blog post, its very attention grabbing! I love all your little sewing projects, they are all wonderful!!

  5. What fun things you made.. keep it up and have fun with it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Yes. Swearing helps ease the gloom. I love felt. I like that little bird.

  7. These are all very sweet and not mediocre at all! Especially love the bunny and bird. They would make cute Easter ornaments hung from some bare twigs. Learning new crafts is always fun and never a waste of time or effort.

  8. I actually really like your embroidery and the contrast of the stitching on the bird works nicely. You also seem to make as much mess as me haha :-)