Tuesday, 14 January 2014

All done

All finished in plenty of time for my sister's birthday at the end of the month...
I do like the obligatory "scarf disguised as a sausage roll" shot.

I used a 4mm hook (smaller than I usually use for DK yarn), Mary Maxim Prism yarn in Still Waters and this Spring Ripple pattern.  I enjoyed every minute of making it, it's a lovely pattern and the colours are really pretty.

When finished it looked rather wavy...
But I gave it a good blocking using my pretty pins and trusty Tesco playmats...
So now it smells great and looks neat and tidy, ready to be packed and sent.  Blocking with a kitten around is not easy though, he seemed determined to impale himself on the pins.
I carried on going until I had nearly finished the yarn and so that both ends of the scarf are matching turquoise, I do like matching ends.

I have found it hard to resist getting going on another one straight away using the other colour of this yarn but I have a little something to finish off first, I should have that ready to share on Friday.  It's rather a fiddly amigurumi and I'm still having to be careful as my finger cramps up when I'm working very tightly so it seems to be going on for ever, it's very cute though.

Thank you all for your kind comments about my little owls, they really are very quick and easy and they go down a storm, you should try them.

I wanted to mention as well that for some reason not all of the blogs I follow are showing up in my sidebar here.  I have checked and rechecked and there doesn't seem to be any reason for it, I can only apologise, you know if I visit you regularly because I try and leave comments.  I will tackle it again at some point and try to work it out.


  1. I haven't crocheted anything other than a granny square in a long time, but this scarf really makes me want to give it a go. You've done a lovely job.

  2. Hello Hilly

    It look so soft and warm and I do like the combination of colours.I love those little owls too in your previous post...lots!!! I'm thinking I'll have a look around the local toy shop see if I can pick up some mats like yours as its a great idea for blocking.

    keep well
    Amanda :-)

  3. Oh this is lovely Hilly! I love the colours in this yarn and it looks stunning in this pattern. Your sister will love it!

    Can't wait to see what you have to show off, just hope you don't hurt your finger though!x

  4. Such lovely color selections for the scarf. I'm sure it will be much loved and appreciated by your lucky sister. Your little owl keychains are adorable. I think I might try one for my daughter.thanks for the info.. Happy to follow. So much inspiration here.

  5. What a gorgeous greeny mix of colours!

  6. A really beautiful scarf, lucky sister. You've done a very professional job!

  7. This is a pretty scarf. How long did it come out to?

    1. It came out to about 2 metres (6 ft) , which will be long enough for her to wrap round a couple of time. I used most of the two skeins.

  8. So pretty, and the multicolours will be good for co-ordinating with different outfits.

  9. That is so pretty!! What an awesome gift!

  10. I like the yarn and pattern, too, Hilly T! You really have made a lovely gift . Thanks for letting us admire it :) It is a curious process I go through as I tackle projects., Even the ones that l Iove and intend to repeat right away don't always get repeated before I finish something else :)

  11. Wow, that scarf turned out SUPER duper fabulous! I'm very impressed with it. I did a search for the yarn. I'd like to try one like that. But of course I have a blanket to finish first. Can't wait till it's done. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. This is lovely! I'm sure your sister will enjoy it!

  13. Lovely scarf, thanks for visiting my blog

  14. The scarf is beautiful, your sister is going to love.it.

  15. hahaha, "scarf disguised as a sausage roll" - love it!! The scarf is beautiful, your sister is very lucky indeed :-)