Sunday, 21 July 2013

Weekend Ramblings

It is so lovely to finally feel that the holidays are here and we can kick back and relax.  I was very sad to leave my job, as the people and children are so lovely.  I was given these beautiful flowers...
and various other generous gifts and cards which really touched me.  I love the cards from the children, one of them said, "Thank you, you have really helped my punctuation." which I thought was fabulous. I hope the image of my face looms in front of him whenever he considers neglecting to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence in the future!

Great excitement arrived in a big parcel on Saturday, just look at this little face...
The source of her joy?  Our new tent.  I have been persuaded to give camping a try, somewhat against my better judgement I must say.  The things we do for our children!  We put the tent up in the garden over the weekend and L and B have had lots of fun with it but as our "garden" (it isn't really worthy of being called a garden, more of an outdoor abomination) is on quite a severe slope we haven't tried sleeping in it yet.  I will keep you posted on how we get on.

Lastly, but by no means least, I finished the wedding scarf I mentioned last time.  I realise looking back that I sounded rather grumpy about the whole thing, please put it down to the hot weather and end of term exhaustion, I'm not usually so ill-natured about things like that.  This is the scarf pre-blocking...

Here it is blocking...
Once again I was very glad I bought these cheap and cheerful foam tiles.  And here it is blocked...
Yes, blocking really made all the difference with this one, transforming it from a dishrag to something I am really quite proud of.  The stitch pattern is really very pretty, though I take no credit for that, it's a fabulous pattern.
I do still feel a little sad that I don't think it will really quite be what the recipient wants, but I give it to her with a clear conscience that I have done my best and that it looks as good as I could possibly manage for her big day.
Thank you those of you who commented last time after my slightly grumpy post, this blog is meant to be my happy place but sometimes the real world will spill over into it.  You make me feel that perhaps I'm not quite so unreasonable as all that, and for this I am very grateful.


  1. The scarf is gorgeous! She will love it. You did a great job.

  2. Wow that scarf is amazing. Good luck with the camping. We tried it once with 7 kids, 5 were teens and my god they were messy. We have not gone back for another go although our youngest goes regularly with his friends. LOL It was fun really, just a bit crowded. Hope you all have a brilliant time. Hugs xox

  3. The scarf came out very well. I'm sure with her dress and all, it'll look more put together.
    Beautiful flowers you were gifted! Backyard camping sounds fun.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful scarf. Looks so complicated I'm not surprised it was a bit of a headache.

  5. The scarf is lovely, good job.
    Be grumpy, we don't mind, that's what friends are for.

  6. The scarf is fabulous! I love spider stitch patterns and this one is a beauty!

  7. Wow, the scarf is gorgeous! I love how the flowers really bloomed after a good blocking. The recipient would be crazy not to want to wear it for her wedding.
    I love the idea of camping in a tent in the great outdoors. I might try a cabin first since I love my creature comforts too much. Good luck with it!