Sunday, 12 May 2013

London Town

Just a little scrap booky type post from me today as I've been away from the weekend without so much as a crochet hook packed in my bag!  There was a good reason for this as I wanted to give my poor old wrists a break and clear my head of all the projects I have one the go so that I could come back to them fresh and keen.

Mr HT and I had a great time on the South Bank, eating at a fab steak restaurant built into a railway bridge, every now and then the trains trundle overhead.  As Mr HT had the foresight to book we had a window seat to enjoy the view from, and it's a great view...
As we left I managed to get a picture of Big Ben and the London Eye...
(Yes, I do know that strictly speaking it's the bell inside the clock that's called Big Ben, but everybody knows what I mean!)

They aren't great photos at all, pretty dreadful in fact, but they give a little feel of the atmosphere of the place.  I adore London.

The next day we travelled to Borough Market, which must be the most foody market I've ever been to. It was a real feast for the eyes, nose and tastebuds with lots to try and many things to tempt greedy people like me. Please forgive the photo overload...

Fortunately I don't live in London and therefore I was spared from feeling that it might be worth spending too much.  I doubted that these tomatoes, beautiful thought they are, would survive the journey to the Cotswolds.

It was so lovely to get home to sleepy Hilly Town, even though I'd had a great time and enjoyed being with my man and eating fabulous food.  I missed my girls, though I think they were more than happy being spoilt by their grandparents.


  1. What a nice trip to the City. I hope to someday take my husband to London. Nice to have some hubby time too. XOXO

  2. How nice for a romantic getaway! Your market photos are great, there was so much more produce than the market we went too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. What a lovely trip, so glad you had fun together.

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip, Harriet! I enjoyed every one of your photos :-) And I'm glad you had a great time, but were glad to get home to your girls, too...the very best sort of holiday to my way of thinking.

  5. Ooooh it looks like you had a wonderful trip :-) sometime you do need a break away from the crafts to get a fresh breather when you come back to them :)

  6. Wat gorgeous food! The restaurant view is awesome! Lucky you.