Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lazy Sunday

Just popping in to show you a few of the things which have been keeping me away from my blog recently.  I've been hooking away like a crazy thing to make these...
requested by friends and family members who saw mine and loved it.  As this pattern is so much fun, for once I actually followed up the requests by making the items.  I only really make for people I feel will appreciate the time and effort and I rarely repeat a pattern so this are a bit of a rareity.  I could happily make even more of these, they're great stash busters and a fun way to try out colour combinations.  Imagine a whole house made in these colourful bricks!
Then I made four lots of this bunting for a craft fair.  The pattern is my own and very simple but I've still spent the best part of a fortnight making these up because my craft time is very limited.  I hope they sell but if they don't I'll just have them back and give them to friends as little birthday presents.  I haven't yet made a set for our house so I'd be quite glad if they didn't all sell actually!  I wanted to take a picture outside but was afraid of getting them dirty so that will have to wait.

As for the rest of the day: I am hoping to catch up a little more on the blogs I have missed reading over the past few weeks, my parents in law are coming round for a BBQ and, most excitingly, my mother In law (C) is going to show me how to make a little girl's summer dress.  In the summer my girls spend all their time in little cotton sun dresses, and they can be bought very cheaply, but last year every cheap and cheerful one I bought developed a frayed edge or the hem came down.  I'd love to be able to make them in some of the gorgeous (and not too expensive) cottons that I see around.  I'll take some photos of the results and share them, it's ages since I've done any sewing but as summer is here it's time to dust off the sewing machine and make the most of the long, light evenings!


  1. Oh how lucky to have someone to show you the ropes making dresses - look forward to seeing them x Jane

  2. Have fun learning how to make the dresses, there are so many beautiful fabrics out there to make sweet little things for girls.

  3. I look forward to seeing the dresses. Your crochet projects look lovely.

  4. Oh love the tissue box cover thanks for the pattern share.

  5. That bunting is really cute! I might have to make some for my craft show table--- don't know if I'll sell them or just use them as decoration!

  6. Those tissue box covers are cute, although I know what you mean about repeating I am a bit of a spontaneous crocheter. Your bunting is so adorable as well!

    I can't wait to see how you get on with dresses, I have recently bought a sewing machine and I would love to make dresses for myself!

  7. Lovely makes, Harriet, and bravo for your plan to learn to sew the girls dresses! I hope you enjoy the process and the results :-) I have more bunnies cut out, this time from Helen Phillip's pattern. I plan to put some hand stitching time in tonight!

  8. Cheerful and happy tissue box covers! Sounds like some super fun times coming up in your house. Can't wait to see the start of these little frocks.

  9. I've got a pink one of these, but no one else I know wants one! Clearly we're the ones with the good taste :)