Sunday, 28 April 2013

When your mum makes MacDonalds....

At the school where I work some of the girls have started to collect cute little mice in matchboxes.  They are very lucky little girls who have saved up hard and are now amassing quite a collection.  I've been struck by how lovely it is to see older girls really playing with something, tucking the mice in, smoothing their blankets, arranging their tails for comfort, giving them little tea parties and so forth.  Of course I have been paying lip service to good sense by pointing out that these little mice are really too precious to come to school but my heart hasn't really been in it.

Being a makey sort of person (and conscious that these little mice are a little on the expensive side, though beautifully made) I wondered whether I could create something similar for my own children and hunted for a pattern on etsy.  It wasn't hard to find when you know where to look and before long I saw a pattern by another one of my nominations for Crochet Great, Lucy Ravenscar.  If you want to see Lucy's patterns for sale then do have a look here.  She makes great sci-fi crochet patterns as well as various gorgeous little creatures.  Anyway, I found a little mouse pattern, downloaded it at a very reasonable cost and produced this...
The pattern is fab (her patterns are brilliant), and I like my little mouse, but on reflection I think I have attached it's ears too low and this makes it look rather anxious.  I am really keen to have another go but just can't at the moment because I have so many other things to make, including another pattern by Lucy which I hope to share with you soon.

Having made the little mouse and after searching in vain for a suitable tin / box it struck me that actually I was having a case of what my beloved calls "Is it like when your Mum makes MacDonalds?", harking back to our youth when both our mothers went through a stage of cooking a burger, putting it in a roll, serving it with chips and saying it was just like MacDonalds.  The flaw in this was of course that although it may well have been delicious, it wasn't MacDonalds at all, it was something completely different.   So, in the end off I went to a beautiful local toy shop and bought them a mouse in a box each, and they both love them.  And the moral of the story is...  I don't do morals, not for other people to live by anyway.
I have been away for a while again.  It's been lovely to have my father stay with me for a couple of weeks and I've spent time with him rather than on the computer in the evenings to make up for the fact that I've been at work all day.  He bought me these pretty flowers which I was admiring while having my Sunday morning crochet time today...
In other news, I have a new job for September.  Only a maternity cover but a teaching job rather than a TA job and two days a week rather than four, which should fit much better with family life.

Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with all your news over the next few days, I bet I've missed a lot but it's done me good to have some time away from the computer!  My head is so full of projects at the moment and I'm making some items to sell for charity which is consuming my time.  I'm also considering opening a little etsy shop and wondering how feasible it would be to keep it stocked up and ready for action.  Do any of you sell on etsy?

I hope you are finding some space for yourself this weekend.


  1. How nice to have your father spend time with you! I was charmed by your mouse and the store-bought mouse, too! I looked them up and you're right, they are spendy! I have an Etsy shop but hardly ever sell anything on it. But it's cheap to do. I haven't seen you on my blog.. now I know why. Hope to see you again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh but your mouse is adorable - just needs a pair of shorts! Well done on the post for September - it sounds great x Jane

  3. I'm glad you were able to have your father stay with you; I would love to be able to do that but my father has health problems which prevent him from flying. I love your mouse and I had to laugh about the McDonalds' story because my mother did that and so did my grandmother; my grandma would make us "Grandma McNuggets" which were good but they were fried chicken pieces, not very much like Chicken McNuggets at all.

  4. Pretty sweet your dad is. Those roses are beautiful.
    The mouse in a box is adorable. I like your little hooked one too. You could make it an outfit. I'm sure you can find a little box somewhere.

  5. What a neat post, Harriet! So glad you had a good visit with your dad and I love your mouse story. I think your made mouse is precious...but understand your investment for the girls. :-) [a kind sensitive daddy] I have just made a hat for my Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor, but am going to add a rim to it tonight. I am too pokey in making projects so I don't have an Etsy shop, but I can imagine you being successful and happy having one, so I hope you will give it a try! xx, Gracie

  6. That little mouse is lovely, and it sounds very sweet that the young ones are playing with these. Sounds like you had a good time with your dad, and he bought you lovely flowers!

    Congrats on the teaching job, even if it is only maternity cover...its good that you have found something that suits you a little better!

    I have an etsy shop which I actually haven't put anything for sale on it yet, but sometime this year I plan to!

  7. Hi its shelley from All4megymoo, All4meggymoo was hacked and now has been lost to cyberspace so I have now set up a new blog called littlehouseinthecorner. I hope you will vsit me again.
    I love your little mouse, so sweet. My little girl has one of those but its a little girl one and so so sweet.

    Good luck with your teaching job too. x
    I am currently not able to follow your blog due to technical issues but I do now follow you on bloglovin so I will get your posts via that :)
    Shelley x