Friday, 5 April 2013

FO Friday

Oh wow, where has the week gone?  Poor old Mr HT went back to work after his week off, he's feeling a bit better but still not 100%, and the girls and I have been making up for lost time by getting out and about and enjoying the wonderful sunshine.  The whole world seems so much better when the sun shines, I've made the most of every minute this week and sulked like crazy when it was cold and dull yesterday!

In amongst all that I've got a few finished objects to share.  Firstly I have made a couple of tiny little things, this lion is from a great book which I have had for ages but never got round to making anything from before...
it was a pleasure to make as the pattern was excellent.  I would heartily recommend the book for beginning amigurumi as it uses very simple shapes.
Secondly I made this...
from a great free pattern on craftsy, I am slightly besotted by this little bear, she is just soooo sweet.  In the process of making her I also leant to do French Knots, which is really useful for eyes if you don't happen to have any safety eyes.  I used this excellent tutorial on youtube.

Recently I was asked to make some items for a craft fair and as I hooked these two little items I was thinking how underpriced crochet items are at events like that.  I mean, the bear is a free pattern so I wouldn't make those to sell without checking with the designer, but leaving that aside, how much could you charge for one?  I don't think you would get more that a couple of pounds.  I wonder what your experience is?  Is it possible to get anything approaching a fair price for the work we do?

I have also finished a project which I have been working on for ages...
Here L models the Chinook Scarf knitted in Knit Picks Stroll Tonal (Summer Bloom).  This is a lovely pattern, it needs a really good blocking to get it to lie flat though as it rolls a lot at the edge.  The shape is interesting...
Once again I must apologies for not getting round to everybody's blogs.  I have switched over to Feedly from Google Reader and am not finding it as easy to navigate yet.  I've also been very short of time, but I'm hoping to catch up this week.  I would like to give a big wave and hello to new followers (friends would be better don't you think?), thank you so much for reading my little blog.

If you would like some inspiration today why not pop over to Tami's blog?


  1. That scarf is so gorgeous, the color is perfect for Spring. Love the little critters you made. You are so talented.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Well done!!! The scarf is so lush and well modeled I might add :) The two craft fairs I participated in were great fun, and I bought several things I am enjoying, but as far as selling anything I made, well that did not happen even when I dropped the price to below profit rates........however, sales depend on matching what you have to sell with the traffic/buyers who need and can afford what you have to sell.........challenging for me it seems :)
    Gracie xx

  3. WHat a lovely finish on that scarf! Hooray, it's done.

  4. Your two little animals are adorable and hubby LOVES the little bear! Me.. I'm in awe of that gorgeous shawl! The colors in that make me want to sing! Good job on that! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love the Chinook Scarf. Gorgeous colour, but I think it is also your cute model. My daughter has a cloth scarf, which she wears like that, and we constantly bicker over who wants to wear it. I think I may need to get knitting.

    As for craft fair prices I think you have to do it really because you like making, as there is no way I think I would sell anything if I actually costed my time. I sell things at fairs, mainly that I have knitted as part of making up the patterns. It is a bit sad when you price them barely to cover the materials and they still don't sell well.

  6. Craft fairs are a struggle with crochet... you have to keep your time in mind when pricing, and that usually makes the prices go up. :)

    Lovely little lion and beautiful scarf though. WOW!

  7. Excellent projects, your scarf is beautiful and the wee ones are too much fun!

  8. The amigurumis are beautiful! I love the lion!

    The scarf is pretty too, I love the color of it :)

  9. Great looking projects. If you do decide to sell anything at craft fairs then be prepared to get very little for your effort. Those that know how much work goes into them can generally make the items themselves so the only people you get to sell to are the clueless ones that think everything should be priced as if it were made in china. You will occasionally find someone that is willing to pay more for a handmade item but they are quite rare.

  10. cute amis, and WOW I love seeing that Summer Blooms yarn knitted up, such a PRETTY color :)

  11. Cute lion :)
    And the scarf is beautiful, love the pink!

  12. Love the lion and the bear, I've done some crafting stuff for fayres before, but know that I've way under valued my work....I didn't mind with the sewn stuff so much, as it seemed less time had gone in, but I fail to see how you get paid properly for knitted or crocheted things, unless you sell somewhere very exclusive.

    The scarf is lovely, funny, I've made a couple and thought I'd get over it, but they always turn my head.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. lovely amis and beautiful scarf.

    Every time I wear a hand made shawl to work my colleagues exclaim, 'oh you should sell your things'. I would not part with my hand made shawls for less than $500 LOL. They take too long!

  14. Well now I had to stop and say hello after spying your lovely little lion. I got this book just as I was returning to crochet and was determined to create a whole zoo but sadly Mr Lion remains the only one - and he doesn't have smart whiskers like yours! On the plus side a friend took him as a mascot on a cycle tour so we have photos of him alongside various European landmarks! Your blog looks lovely so I'm off for a little mooch. Nice to meet you x Jane

  15. Both the lion and the bear are adorable! Priceless! As for prices on handmade items, I agree that it depends on the event and your target audience. I find that holiday themed items sell pretty well, like handmade Christmas ornaments. Those Easter eggs that you crocheted would be fabulous, too.

    LOVE how the shawl turned out! What a gorgeous pink and it looks so pretty on your beautiful daughter!