Saturday, 30 March 2013


Once again it has been too long since I last posted.  The end of term passed in a flurry of this and that, then Mr HT has been struck down by a lurgy and has had his leave ruined.  So it's just been me and the girls keeping each other entertained, which is more than enough occupation.  I haven't even read a blog post in about at fortnight!

But here I am with a few seasonal finished objects to share with you...
Crochet eggs, fewer calories than the real thing and just as delicious in my opinion.  The granny egg and the stripy egg are my own interpretation of this pattern, the fancy one on the left is from here.  The first pattern was actually for egg cosies but I just doubled them up and sewed them together over some polystyrene eggs kindly donated by my mother in law.  The fancy egg, which I love, I have to admit gave me a bit of a headache.  I didn't find the pattern easy to follow, but this may just be my own inadequacies.  If you are tempted to buy it I would say just be careful to look at the pictures next to the instructions to see exactly where to put the stitches...
It is such a pretty pattern though, I think I might make a couple more if I have time.

Just before I sign off for the evening, this is what happens when you leave the man in your life in charge of the children's biscuit decorating...
Simply brilliant.

It is quite late and I would just like to squeeze half an hour of crochet in if I can.  I am making something quirky with this...

King Cole Riot DK and could just squeeze in a leg if I get a move on.

My apologies if I haven't commented on your blog recently, I have been largely absent and not ignoring you.  I must just give an excited wave to Teresa though, I was lucky enough to win her blog giveaway and am so excited to be receiving a pair of her beautiful earrings some day soon, how lovely!

A very Blessed Easter to you all.


  1. I love your eggs! Those are adorable. And this Riot yarn is beautiful, I'm sure it will crochet up to be something lovely. Happy Easter. :)

  2. Hello! Oh, I sure hope you get your earrings soon! I sent them long ago now. Your 3 eggs are super nice! I have a whole basket full of crocheted eggs, and my 2 GDs in Ohio received some special order ones. :-) Have a great day tomorrow! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I expect they will come soon Teresa, we have two bank (I think you would call the public) holidays here this week so they may have been delayed. X

  3. So happy for you winning Teresa's earrings, she is so talented. Love your Easter eggs, so darling.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  4. Your eggs are lovely!
    Happy Easter to you and your family!!!

  5. I know the feeling, last time I posted I was sure that things were goin to get more organised, but not so much!

    Love your crocheted eggs, they look lovely all together, I did cosies last year, but with busyness this year I've not done anything eastery.

    Hope that your hubby is on the mend now, bugs always have a habit of turning up at the worst middle boy has spent th day on the sofa after being sick twice this morning, gutting for him who has been sooo looking forward to his eggs...typical.

    Happy Easter!

  6. The eggs are very nice and fun. I always find it hard to finish eating up the hard-boiled, decorated eggs. Oh boy did I chuckle at the biscuits. My teeth almost hurt. Only children think more is better.

  7. The eggs are gorgeous. Maybe I should try doing this next year instead of whining about the absence of chocolate eggs. My decision but not a good one at Easter. :)


  8. So glad you won Teresa's earrings, Harriet! Your egg designs are lovely, and your beautiful new yarn and mystery project have me intrigued :) It has been in the 70's with trees in bloom for the last two days here. So amazing for us at this time of year in Portland...I posted some pictures to share our joy. Blessings to you and yours,

  9. Wow loving the kids biscuit decorating! amazing.
    Love your eggs too.

    I hope Mr HT is feeling much better now. I have been the same just not getting round to blogging of late, just not sure where my time goes to.

    Hope you are well.
    Much Love