Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What I can do with socks...

Firstly, may I say hello to my new followers.  Thank you very much for reading my blog and commenting, it's lovely to have you here.
I have been very busy with socks for the last couple of weekends.  I love to make sock toys and have a large stash of colourful socks for the purpose, however I have rather given up on them of late.  I think it is because my daughters had more than enough sock toys and I didn't really have any particular reason to make them.

I was just waiting for an excuse though...
this is a stripy sock monster, made for a friend of B and as yet un-named.  L is trying desperately hard to claim him but I am resisting.  They are surprisingly fiddly to make and I don't feel ready to create another just at the moment.  I find it difficult to give away the things I make if I'm not fairly sure they will be appreciated, I think he or she will be though.

I also made this cat...
which B asked me to make for a little friend of hers on the morning of the party (!).  It actually looked far better than this in real life, but I asked my husband to take a photo of it for me and this was all he managed. Hmmmm.

Right, just a short post from me.  I'm off to carry on with one of my crochet projects.  I hope you are working on something enjoyable this evening.


  1. aww you can never have too many sock critters, they're all very cool!

  2. Those sock animals are just adorable! I've made several sock monkeys and they're so fun. Enjoy your evening making fun things.. I'll be crocheting on my sea colored shawl. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh your sock animals are very cute, I love the rainbow coloured one!!

  4. You are so clever! These bright, fun, stripy sock animals are so darling and what a great gift idea.

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