Saturday, 19 January 2013

It snew.

How exciting it was to wake up to snow yesterday!  L was up at the crack of dawn asking to go outside, B got up, looked out of the window and said "Oooooh, snow, but I want a lie in".  Then she got back under her duvet and had another half an hour in bed.  She is definitely her father's daughter.

The view from our sitting room looks pretty in the snow...
L and I managed to make a Snow Child, B had gone inside by this time, I find that very small children get frozen to the bone ever so quickly.  L always wants to make small snow-folk and she always calls them Janey...
It's a lonely life being a Snow Child once everybody goes back inside though...
As for yarny things, I have had to abandon the shawl I planned to make in my last post because I managed to cut my thumb really badly on a tin as I washed it to put out in the recycling.  It was a few days before I could crochet at all and now that I can I find that the lace weight yarn really hurts as it runs past the cut or gets caught on the plaster (bank-aid).  Soooo, out of my cupboard I dragged a project which has been hanging around for well over a year, I am calling it my Simple Granny Square blanket.  It is made from a few balls I have bought and also from odd skeins and partial skeins given to me by various people...
I was having a lot of difficulty photographing the squares laid out, so I took a tower shot instead.  I think it will be ready to finish this week anyway so I'll be able to show you properly.  Funnily enough, because of its simplicity, it's a joy to make.  I can easily make two or even three of these squares in an evening while watching something quite complicated on the television.  Yesterday I even managed to get a couple done while I finally sat with my girls and watched Nativity.  I know it's a Christmas film but I must tell you that it was ever so funny, the staffroom scenes very realistic and the children really normal.  If you have never worked at a school and wondered what it is like then this would give you a fair idea, albeit an exaggerated one.  We enjoyed it and I laughed a lot, some of it went over the girls' heads but they found the antics of the children hilarious.  I think it may be my favourite Christmas film.

Right, I'm off to make my final square for the 2013BAMCAL, I wonder what all of you are up to this weekend?


  1. I like your tower shot of squares, I like simple crochet, it grows so fast and makes me feel satisfied when other things are too tasking. How horrible to have a niggly cut on your thumb, it's suprising
    How it can stop you doing things isn't it.

    We have a sprinkling of snow this morning, literally, definitely not enough to make even a small snowman, but I'm happy to see other people's pics, our neighbour is lambing right now and snow would be a major problem right now.

  2. Cute post, I love the snow child but not when she is lonely :( I hope you thumb is back in business soon! xxx

  3. Towers of squares are good things to have :)

    Something I'm going to miss is making snowmen with Little Man now that we live in an area where there's no snow. Perhaps when he gets older and we travel more. I don't know. We'll see, I guess.

  4. I love the snow child, so much more do-able than a snowman. Small things are often best with kids. We used to make little sand castles right at the edge of the ways. The Brave Little Castle we'd call them. The trick was to finish it before the waves washed it away. Your girls are so cute.

  5. the snow pictures are so beautiful! And I love the stack of your granny squares- the colors are great! sorry to hear about your thumb injury- hope it gets better soon!

  6. Snew it did. Looks like you had fun, we've had fun too.

    I love Nativity, I'm giggling away whereas the rest of the gang just don't find it as funny!

  7. Such a nice deep beautiful snow you have! Your daughters are just simply adorable. Enjoy it and thanks for sharing the photos. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I lovel the little snowfolk! I haven't watched nativity yet. I got it for christmas. The little blonde boy comes from around here.


  9. Look at all that snow!! Great tower of squares, I love it!

  10. wow you got a lot of snow. more than us northerners with just a little sprinting!
    Hope your finger is better now. Love the tower shot and the colours are wonderful.