Monday, 31 December 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas in our family this year was very low key.  We forgot to take the camera with us to our parent in laws' house so I don't even really have very many good pictures to share.  Suffice to say that there was plenty of squealing from the children and lots of lovely food and drink around.

For L this Christmas was all about Harry Potter and she spent much of the day dressed like this, refusing to open doors, preferring instead to point her wand at them and shout "Alohomora!"...
Little B, she of the very sweet tooth, liked the fact that there was so much sugary stuff about and that people were happy to let her eat it for the day.  We are back to normal habits now of course, I don't let her scoff sweets all day every day, however adorable she is...
I dread the day when little B isn't my biggest fan any more, I'll miss that trusting little hand finding its way into mine at every opportunity.

L has also been enjoying her new art set.  This was from us and didn't immediately leap out at her from her pile of presents but I hope it will bring her hours of pleasure over the coming months...
So yes, a quiet Christmas but a happy and harmonious one.  Tomorrow (today by the time I post this) we are off to visit my sister, her family and my parents for lunch.  I've used one of my Christmas presents, Nigellissima, to make this lovely looking Apple Cake and have also whipped up a batch of brownies as I'm in charge of puddings...

ETA These brownies were a bit of a disaster really, they look yummy don't they?  Imagine my horror when I decided to try one (purely for reasons of quality control of course) and discovered that I had forgotten the sugar! It just shows, sometimes greed is a virtue, my family would have been so disappointed if I'd turned up with them!  Fortunately the Italian Apple Pie was a success.

I hope you are all enjoying the In-between days to their fullest advantage.  I think I'll try and squeeze in a few rows of my Chinook while my baking cools.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful christmas and have a very happy new year :-) We have a miss potter fan in our household too lol! X

  2. I made an apple pie one time with salt instead of sugar. Sugarless brownies and salty apple pies make for good holiday stories though. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy new year to you.
    Looks like your family had an amazing time over Christmas. And your cakes look amazing (even if you did forget the sugar in the brownies, which I have done many times!)


  4. That is so funny, as my husband made brownies, and so very nearly forgot the sugar. Just about to put them in the oven when he realized, and added it. Yours look like they ought to be delicious.

    I love the look of the art set, which I am sure will bring a lot of fun to your daughter.

  5. Ouch, aren't you glad you tasted one first! They do look lovely mind! The apple cake looks yummy, I do like Nigella, I cook her things often....just wish I was as sophisticated as her when I does she do it?!

    The art set is lovely and I'm sure it will bring hours of fun. My boys had some lovely pressies.

    Hope you have had a lovely time with your family on new years eve....all the very best for all in Hillytown in 2013!

  6. They've been showing a Harry Potter movie every night here and we've been watching them. Fun to see your daughter in the Potter outfit.. both of them are simply adorable!

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Sorry the brownies had an oopsies. Goes to show how we mums have heads spinning around during the holiday craze. Your apple cake is beautiful! What a delectable piece of art.
    Ooh, I love your daughter and how she was wizardin' about! Too cute. And that little one, what a sweetheart; she and my Jellybean would get along just fine as they both have a sweet tooth. That art set is fabulous!