Sunday, 4 November 2012

Why rainy Sundays can be fun.

What a rainy day we are having here in Hilly Town, thank goodness we managed to get out and about yesterday because today doesn't look very promising at all.

It's so lovely to greet some new friends following my blog.  Thank you.  Things have been a little quiet on here since I went back to work but I'm going on keep on posting as and when I can.  One of the reasons I have been quiet is that I am still working on this...
L read the first three Harry Potter books over the Summer and we watched the films, I think that she enjoyed them so much that she wants to be connected to them in some way and she has chosen the scarf to fulfil this purpose.  She's so sweet, after reading the first two books she said, "I don't know why we have to move out of army houses and I have to go to a good primary school, when I'm 11 my letter from Hogwarts will arrive and I'll be going there so there's no need for me to get into a good secondary school anyway."  She wasn't joking.

So this is a Gryffindor Scarf for L.  I am a painfully slow knitter anyway but my decision to make this one in K1 P1 rib hasn't really helped matters very much.  It was the only way I would get it to look like the ones in the film without having to knit a long tube.  I am having to be so strict with myself and work only on this one in the evenings because it would be easy to leave it languishing in a basket and never get it done.  I want L to be able to wear it while it's still cold.  Frankly if she doesn't wear it every day for the rest of her life I will be as disappointed as only a mother can be, but just in case she doesn't I am making it long enough for me.

L has also learnt to knit, my sister got her started and since then my Mother In Law has been helping her along. I wanted her to learn good technique from the start so I left it to those expert knitters to get her going, I'll reserve the joys of crochet for me to teach her though.
I love the look of joy on her face as she sees those rows of stitches form a fabric...
After a few abandoned projects (yay, my daughter has her first UFOs, just like Mummy), look what she made from the great book pictured....
I heartily recommend this book if you are looking for a present for a creative girl from about 7 - 10 years old. The projects are gorgeous and really do-able if there are any crafty supplies at all around at home. She has also been learning to French Knit...
I think she enjoys the peaceful repetitive nature of this particular activity, her head is so busy all the time it does her good to sit still and not think too hard for a bit.

So, I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, I think we will be having a pyjama day with lots of this...
and this...
I hope if you were in the wake of Hurricane Sandy that you and yours are safe.


  1. What a lovely post. I remember how much my daughter adored all the Harry Potter books when they first came out! So wonderful that she loves to create, too!

  2. Your daughters are so beautiful, Hilly. I love how the elder one is knitting and what a great idea to have different colored needles! I SO love what she said. Man, I think I need to make a HP scarf for myself.

  3. Awesome post. Your little one looks so engrossed in her project and I love that she has UFO's too. So cute. :-) Her first project is very impressive. I have taught grown ups who could not get such neat stitching so quickly. Well done L. And Mama your scarf is looking very authentic too. :-)

  4. i love harry potter - the books, the movies... and gryffindor is my favorite house. i love your scarf too. as slow as it may be going, it will definitely be worth it - it's beautiful. your rainy day looks fun too. i wish we had more rainy days here where i live.

  5. I love the story about your daughter and Harry Potter-- I remember being a bit older than her, and I had just learned to crochet. My first big project was a Harry Potter scarf. It wasn't totally authentic, but I wore it with pride whenever it got cold. I'm sure she will love the fact that you made one for her.

  6. Such a sweet post! I love all the pictures of both girls in their creative endeavors. It truly warms the heart :) The scarf will be a treasured one for sure, so I hope you can brave through all that ribbing to get it finished. It looks great so far. I gifted my niece with that book and a box full of supplies to make most of the projects in it. She said it was the best present ever! This coming from a girl who has every iGadget in existence is a huge endorsement.

  7. Thanks for the craft book recommendation, Harriet! My oldest granddaughter just turned five and soon will be able to enjoy trying more crafts. xx from Gracie