Sunday, 7 October 2012

Older, wiser, employed and still blogging.

Well, I didn't think I would be away from my blog for so long.  Of course I knew that life would change when I started my new job but I didn't appreciate that it would take a couple of months for new routines to be established and normality to return.  This week I cooked a proper supper for the girls and me every day, the dog got walked and the house got tidied.  Then, when I woke up this morning I thought, "Hmmm, I seem to be in the mood to write a blog post."  And here I am, with nothing in particular to say.

It had crossed my mind to stop my blog writing, thinking it might just be one activity too many and that I would rather spend the time crocheting or knitting, but I realised yesterday that then I would also lose the record I have been keeping about our lives here in Hilly Town and the thought of that made me change my mind.  I know I won't sit down in the evening and scrapbook with paper and glue and things and I have been missing the lovely communication which goes on between bloggers so here I am again.  Older, wiser, employed and still blogging.

So, I see from my postings list that the last time I blogged with any regularity was over the Summer.  There is much to catch up on.  I think I will start with family things, then I will be back later in the week with woolly things.

Thing the first.  A hot air balloon landed in the field behind our house.  It did not mean to and was about 10 metres from our back fence and 10 metres from a power line which I am guessing is far from ideal.  I got the girls out of bed to see this strange sight...
Everybody was fine but oddly, being a witness to this has put me off taking one of these balloon rides which I have hankered after since we moved here and began to see them over Hilly Town.

Thing the second.  L was 7...
We took her and a few friends to Westonbirt Arboretum for a picnic party and a play on the great natural playgrounds they have there.  I think she had a lovely time and we enjoyed getting to know some of her friends a little better.  These pictures are actually from a different occasion because the ones we took on the day have other people's children in them...
Westonbirt is a lovely place for family walks, with or without dog.  I am so looking forward to going over there soon to see the trees as they change colour.  There will be photos.

Thing the third.  B has really started to draw and is trying to write.  I am so proud of my clever little girl, here are some examples of her recent work...
I adore these early pictures and have great trouble throwing any of them away.  I keep a few and pile the others up to throw away when I am in the midsts of my cleaning frenzy on a friday.  If I kept all the lovely bits of paper my girls produce I would be unable to open my front door so I try to be very selective.

Thing the fourth.  Work.  I like work, I like the people, I like the place, I like the extra money and I like that I am able to teach a little as well as my teaching assistant work which is getting me back into the swing of things. Now that the dust as settled I realise that it was the right decision, though it hasn't been easy.  I think the girls are managing this change in their circumstances very well.  We do lots of car sharing for the school pick up and drop off now which can be a little fraught but really is only sensible in terms of both the environment and petrol prices.  The only creature in our house who has suffered at all from my new job is the dog who wasn't getting the walks he needed, however a friend of mine is now walking him for me in exchange for a little pocket money on the days I couldn't manage and so he is sorted as well.

Things the fifth.  Crafts.  I have actually been very productive in my yarny pursuits because by 8pm at the moment I am seated on the sofa watching something or other on netflix, hook or needles in hand.  I think that this post has really gone on for long enough for today so I will aim to update on my crafty doings later in the week but I have a few FOs (only little ones) to share as well as a new long term project.  I have completely rethought my list and have actually thrown projects which were made of cheap wool and were boring me away.  I have started and abandoned two blankets before they had really got off the ground.  I think being back at work has made me really focus on what I want to produce craft wise, and this can only be a good thing.

Right, thank you if you have had the patience to stay with me until the end of this very wordy post.  I am still reading and enjoying your blogs as well, forgive me for not commenting recently, I think I really am getting back to normal (normality being relative of course) now.


  1. Lovely to see you back! I love those colourful drawings and like you have great difficulty in throwing anything away that my children draw ~ But then there is the dilemma of where to store it all! Looking forward to seeing your yarny creations too. Hope you have a great weekend :O)x

  2. I would have been very sad if you had left blogging. I am glad you are back. The best thing about blogging, for me, are all the the other bloggers and crafters I have made friendships with. Including you. I always look forward to your posts. They don't have to be frequent. We all get busy. Have fun with your new job and I can't wait to see your projects. XOXO

  3. I'm gald you haven't decided to leave us. I too have been busy and not really updateing much, but noone expects daily updates! It is good to kick back from time to time and unwind.


  4. Nice to see you back! The closest encounter we had with a hot air balloon was hearing the "whoosh" right outside the bedroom window, opening the blind and we were eyeballing them, flipping good job I had thought there may be a balloon and put something on, but I didn't expect it to be feet away!! It struggled over our house and made it to the Common (Minch) Congratulations on the employment front, it will get easier and once you have a good job hang on to it! Keep on knitting...and blogging :)

    Fiona x

  5. Nice to see you back. What a surprise to find the balloon. You have a wonderful view of Hill Paul.

  6. Welcome back to blogland, I too have made a recent return. funny how you miss it :)

  7. Glad to see you back! I'm glad things have been going well-- it is good to be busy :) Can't wait for your yarny updates!

  8. Welcome back :) I'm glad you've kept blogging, it doesn't have to be every day or every week - as a lot of people say - don't blog for bloggings sake :)

    What a beautiful hot air balloon! I wouldn't like to have been in it at the time though... Scary thoughts :)

  9. Glad to see this entry from you! The new routine seems to have settled in nicely - and funny how time (or lack thereof) can sharpen crafty focus. :)

    I'd have been outside if that balloon had landed near my house! And isn't there one in the air in the distance in your photo? How amazing to have all this hot air balloon traffic.

  10. Nice catch-up...sounds like you've been busy....I'm glad you've been enjoying your job, that's brilliant. I love B's drawings, my littlest is a mini artist too, and fills reems of paper...I love to see his creations, his latest thing is drawing people with robot square heads...odd!

    Looking forward to your wooly update! Have a good week!

  11. Great post, Im so pleased you are back and enjoying work & family life, The pictures are amazing.
    I look forward to your craft post.

  12. You do what you can! Your lovely life is so full of splendid going-ons and beautiful little girls. Just enjoy the ride.

  13. Thanks for posting! I am glad you are enjoying your work at school as well as home. I remember it being a challenge to decide what activities to focus on, but being a teaching assistant worked well with our family schedule most of the time. I am glad that you are going to continue blogging when you can, and hope you continue to find it an enjoyable creative outlet as I do. We have a hard time tossing out such grand artwork at our home, too :) The balloon that visited you is beautiful, but your report and that of Fiona does give me pause, and reenforces my decision to not try hot air transport! More joy to you and yours, Harriet, xxx from Gracie

  14. Nice to see you back H x Can you believe that our babies are 7? Doesn't seem two seconds since we were talking about weaning and toddler groups.
    Love B's pictures - I solved the problem of keeping them in 2 ways. I now scan the pics into Snapfish and either make them into a photo book or a calendar (which I then keep after use) It keeps them nice and tidy and the books make quite nice coffee table books.
    Glad the jobs been going ok, I can totally identify with the school run crazies!

  15. It is lovely to hear from you and that things are going so well!! I am glad you decided not to stop blogging, sometimes it is nice to look back through blogs and see how you have progressed :)

    Can't wait to see your yarny update though!!

    Happy birthday to L!