Saturday, 8 September 2012

Catching Up

What a strange time of year it is.  I realise that I have not written my blog for ages and I am now rather behind on sharing our holiday news.  Here is, pretty much, what we did on our holiday in Ireland.
We walked round the Botanical Gardens in Belfast, it was lovely even in the rain...
I remembered that holidays with children can be fraught, but are ultimately worth it...
We were very impressed with the Ulster Museum which is just by the gardens and could have spent all day in there quite happily.  I would also like to go back and spend a day enjoying the great shops and cafes which I had to miss out on because of the presence of the small people.

Other than that much time was spent on the Beach.  Not having lived anywhere near a beach whilst in possession of the children I hadn't realised how happy they can be just mooching around for hours doing beachy things...
Especially once they have wet suits and they are allowed to just get on with it, burying body parts...
Just getting wet and mucky...
and paddling...
While us grown-ups enjoy the scenery and wish we had a sailing boat...
Ireland is full of beautiful bits of coast and blissfully empty beaches and harbours.  The above two pictures were taken at Strangford, having taken the ferry across the lough (pronouned like the Scottish loch) from Portaferry, a ferry which has run uninterrupted for 400 years (not the same one obviously).
This was the last day of our holiday, it was a lovely way to finish.

I hope that one day Northern Ireland's reputation as a great holiday destination will be restored.  We went there to visit my husband's family but my father tells me that before "The Troubles"  it was very popular, in fact I believe that I am right in saying that my parents went there for their honeymoon.  I was sad to switch on the news when I got back and found that fighting had broken out on the streets of Belfast again.  I saw nothing to suggest that was likely to happen while I was there, to me it seems like a place which is working hard to restore the happiness of its people and welcome visitors.  We didn't even get to the Titanic Quarter or museum which I would love to do sometime and is a huge new visitor attraction.  Of course Southern Ireland is a stunning holiday destination and one that I would heartily recommend, but Belfast and the surrounding area are full of beauty and interest.

Thank you for bearing with me through my obligatory holiday post.  I believe I may have one more newsy post before I get back to the crochet, which has not been dormant but is a pile of unfinished projects waiting for me to generate some energy.  I started my new job this week, so far so good.


  1. It looks like you had a delightful time, I would love to go to Ireland one day :)

  2. All looks great! I know what you mean about family holidays, they can be a little full-on on occasion, but there are always plenty of golden moments too. We are lucky to be by the beach and it's amazing how long kids can spend just pottering and exploring.

    The photos of your hols are lovely, I especially like the last one, what a pretty spot.

  3. Thank you for sharing your photos! We're off to Belfast next week as our youngest son is starting uni there!

  4. Thank you for taking us along on this holiday as I will probably never get there myself. What is that adorable little castle and tree in the last photo? Awesome! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love the first photograph and your girls are both beautiful. Happy days! :) x

  6. Such a lovely vacation and such adorable small people. I would love to visit Ireland someday, and have to admit I don't really know much about "their troubles" except that fighting seems to happen often. Such a beautiful country. The beach is my favorite place, and yes, children can entertain themselves for hours in such a place!

  7. Fotos lindas.
    Família linda.
    DEUS abençoe à todos.

  8. Thanks for making the time to post, Harriet! I enjoyed it. Your girls are about the same age as my grand girls who we took to the beach along the Sandy River in OR. They had a wonderful time rearranging the sand, too :) I am glad your new job is going well. My years as a teaching assistant in an elementary school were happy ones and I hope the same will be true for you, too!
    Gracie x

  9. What a beautiful place to go on holiday. Ireland is one of the places I'd like to visit. Your daughters are so gorgeous.

  10. lovely photos, kids just love the beach don't they?!
    I would love to go to northern Ireland it looks stunning

  11. glad you are back - i've just added you to my side panel as blogs i love!! xxx