Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pretty Simple Mats

It's lovely to be back in blog land after my holidays on the Emerald Isle.  I've got lots of holiday photos which I am currently forming into a coherent set for at least two holiday blog posts but in the mean time I thought I would share with you a very simple pattern I came up with whilst away.  I've been meaning to make some mats for our coffee table for ages and have tried several lovely patterns but they tended to be too holey for my needs and didn't lay quite flat enough for my liking.  I want to be able to put a warm mug down on them and feel that there was enough substance there to absorb the warmth before it hit the table.  While I was away I had not internet (hence the lack of posts and comments) so these ones come from my own head, however they were certainly inspired by pretty patterns like this and this.

In the end I came up with these, and I am very happy with them, so I thought I would share how they are made. They are not particularly original or difficult, but maybe they will be useful to someone and anyway I thought it would be handy to have the pattern on here in case I lose the scruffy piece of paper it is written on.

I used King Cole Cottonsoft DK in a variety of colors and white with a 3.5mm hook.  Most people would need a smaller hook to make their mat dense enough, but my gauge is very tight.  My mats are 13 cm across, perfect for a largish mug or wine glass.  I am using UK terms here so:

TC = DC (US)

The pattern link on Ravelry is here.

Chain 5 and then join into a loop with a slip stitch.  Chain 3 (counts as a TC)...
TC 11 more times into loop, join to third loop of initial chain 3 with a slip stitch and then fasten off...
Join colour 2, chain 3 then TC into same stitch.  Crocheting over the ends as you go, TC twice into each stitch round (24 stitches in total), join with a slip stitch and fasten off...
Join colour 1, chain 3 then work 2 TC into next stitch, (1 TC into next stitch, 2 TC into next stitch), repeat section in brackets all the way round.  You should finish off with 1 TC into final stitch (36 stitches in total), join with a Slip Stitch and fasten off...
Join colour 2, chain 3 then work 1 TC in next stitch and 2 TC into the following stitch, (1 TC into next stitch, 1 TC into next stitch, 2 TC into next stitch) repeat section in brackets all the way round.  You should end with 2 TC into final stitch (48 stitches in total), join with a slip stitch and fasten off....
Join colour 1, chain 3 then work 1 TC into next two stitches followed by 2 TC in a single stitch, (1 TC into next stitch, 1 TC into next stitch, 1 TC into next stitch, 2 TC into next stitch) repeat section in brackets all the way round, end with 2 TC into final stitch (60 stitches in total), join with a slip stitch but do not fasten off.  Hopefully your circle will be flat and look something like this...
Now, chain 5, skip 2 TR in the row below and work a HTC into the following stitch, (chain 3, skip 2 TR, work HTC), repeat all the way round finishing of by working the chain 3 followed by a Slip Stitch into the second of your initial 5 chains...
You should have 20 loops around the edge of your circle.

Slip Stitch into first chain space and then work DC, HTR, TR, HTR, DC into the space.  Work DC, HTR, TR, HTR, DC into each chain space round, join with slip stitch into first DC and fasten off...
Sew in the ends and there you go, easy as pie.  If my instructions to create a flat circle have confused you then Lucy at Attic 24 has a fantastic tutorial here, she uses HTR but you can use any stitch as long as you are consistent.

In other news, I have fallen off the stash wagon big style and ordered these...

And I have started another new blanket whilst having at least two others on the go.

All in all I am not sticking to my resolutions at all, but I felt they were stifling my creativity a little and the mats are a stash buster project so it could be worse.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Oh oh beautiful yarn! Those mats are very cute too x

    1. I was weak, but the colours were beautiful and I thought that if i was going to place an order from the USA I might as well make it a sizeable one!

  2. Your mats are lovely. I have some of the cotton soft yarn but haven't tried it yet as I only have one ball. It looks like it works up nicely, judging by your photographs. I love your yarny package, have fun playing and will look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  3. They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I love all those colors of cotton yarn...My favorite!!! Shari ")

  4. Love all the new colors of cotton you purchased! Don't worry, I've been falling off the wagon a bit as well -- as long as you are using it, that's what I say! :)

  5. thats re so lovely and thank you for the tutorial!!! xxxx

  6. What sweet mats! And that yarn looks gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  7. That is my go to cotton for bags and decorations. I love some of the color combinations. Nice mats. I need some for my daily coffee to sit on. Talk to you soon. XOXO

  8. Those little mats are very cute and simple, I like your tutorial too! :)

  9. Lovely mats. So simple to make too. Love your new purchase. Is that Sugar'n'Cream yarn? Does it work out too expensive to import it from the States?

    Ruby x

  10. I love them! I can't wait to try to make some, thank you for sharing the pattern and lovely tutorial.

  11. Ha, ha, i'm going to make mine for large glasses of wine I think! Great pattern, really pretty mats, brilliant tute.

    Your new yarn looks fab, I saw and didn't buy some jubilee coloured yarn at wonderwool and I've regretted it ever since, I've seen that stuff on lots of American blogs, I should check it out.

    Looking forward to your holiday pics.

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  13. Such pretty little mats--here in the US, we call them coasters! I am dearly starting to want to learn to crochet--you crocheters are a bad influence on me.
    I love pictures from around the world when I get to see where my international blogging friends live, so I will be anxiously awaiting your holiday photos.

    When I saw your box of yarn, I knew right away it was Lily's Sugar and Cream--because I have several of those exact colorways in my own stash. I love Lily's for dishcloths, but after knitting with it for long periods of time my hand starts to ache a bit. Oh, and my personal opinion on self imposed bans on yarn purchasing....silly! Where is the fun in that?? And who needs the extra guilt in their life when they inevitably fail? :) :)

  14. Welcome back, HT! Love your floral "mug rugs"! :-) And what a great box of joy! I have a similar bunch of cotton from KnitPicks.. I need to get to it soon. I'm still working on my shawl.. it's perfect colors for fall so I want to get it done soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Harriet, I am sitting here smiling...enjoying how you ended your post :) And I appreciate your tutorial for the lovely mats you made! I hope I can make some, too...someday :) Thanks for posting and promising to post about your holiday. I am looking forward to enjoying your trip, too! And thanks for visiting my blog, too. Blogging is such a neat way to share our lives. When I first wrote on tablets of paper 55 years ago, I never dreamed that I would one day be typing words to fly into cyberspace to meet and greet fellow bloggers :) Hoping you and yours are having happy days. xxx from Gracie

  16. Your mats look lovely, they stipes are great

  17. OMGosh, what fun variegated yarn you've purchased! I can see why you were so tempted.
    Such fun mats you've created. Your sts are so even and look great.

  18. What a great pattern! I love useful projects like coasters because they can be admired on a daily basis while drinking my cup of tea or coffee. Wonderful way to use up stash yarn, too. I am going to put this one on my Christmas gift list.

  19. What lovely new wool - I bet you can't wait to get started! Sonja @ Sunnyville x

  20. Ohhh my goodness you fell off the stash wagon big time but those yarns look absolutely amazing!! I cannot look them up because I will absolutely end up buying them and then J will kill me! If you hear that I bought them and never hear from me again you know why....

    Love your coasters too, if you made them bigger they'd make excellent table mats too if you could bare washing them as much as I'd have to! x