Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday Tally 4 and a Giveaway!


A little while ago I was thrilled to reach the grand total of 100 followers.  Believe me I was over the moon to have 10 followers so 100 was amazing!  I've had a giveaway planned for ages but just haven't got round to posting it, however the time is right and I am happy to offer you the chance to win this bundle of things...
King Cole Galaxy sequinned dk wool, pretty bird stickers, a handmade pincushion, fairy scissors, a 4.5mm crochet hook (it's a joy to use, but now I have my knit pro set I think I can spare it) and some quirky ribbon.  If you would like to enter then please write a comment at the end of this post specifically mentioning that you would like the chance to win as I know some of you might be popping by just to see my Tuesday Tally. You can live anywhere, I have deliberately kept the prizes light for ease of postage.  If you don't blog please leave some way in which I can contact you, for example a Ravelry user name.  Originally I had planned to open this up only to followers but on reflection I think anybody who visits regularly is welcome to enter, I sometimes forget to become a follower even though I subscribe in Google Reader!

I will announce the winner next week.

As for my Tuesday Tally.  Regular friends here will know that I have had to have a crochet break over the last few days as my wrists have been sore.  I have received several very sympathetic comments so thank you. Last night I ventured to pick up my hook and managed to make 2 squares bringing my total to 21, I have 99 to go.  Here it is in Bar Chart form...
I also sewed in all the ends.  My intention is to concentrate on this project this week and stay away from the amigurumi as I think it is causing my problems.  Hopefully next week I'll be able to pick it up again and maybe complete an hour or so a day, we'll see.  I'll be very happy working on my blanket anyway, I just love the colours when I mix it all together...
If you would like to see some more Tuesday tallies then please pop over to Carole's blog.

We are having fun in Hilly Town enjoying the great weather.  The girls don't seem particularly minded to leave the house yet so we've been pootling around crafting, walking, drawing and visiting the swings.  It's been lovely.  I have a feeling that in the next couple of days they will start to need more entertaining but for now I'm just making the most of some home time.