Sunday, 1 July 2012

I'm joining YOP.

Hello all, it's nice to be back.  I have had lots of work recently so I decided to cut back the blogging for a week or so.  I think the next couple of weeks will be sparse as well but life is just very busy at the moment.

I was very excited to find, through Faith and Sarah's Blogs that it is time to join in with Year of Projects on the Come-Blog-Along Ravelry Group.  I've been watching these YOP posts from a number of my favourite bloggers over the past 12 months but thought I would wait for a new YOP year to start before I joined in.

The theme of my YOP is going to be using what I have. Over the 18 months since I started to knit a little and then discovered crochet I have built up stash of yarn and books, as I have mentioned before.  Now I am determined to either use them, or sell them.  I've included a few photos of projects which I have already started or the yarn I am planning to use from my stash, this is for my reference later on.  My photos are still being taken with my ancient iphone but they will have to do the job for now.  So...

Finish off my Sunny Spread.  This is my current One A Day project...
This is going to be a Christmas present for B, so I will also need to finish another blanket I started for L before then.  Fortunately they do not have to be very big.

Cushion Covers.  Using stashed Stylecraft Special DK again, there is no pattern to link to for these as I'm winging them a bit.  These are for my major overhaul of my Living Room, I will probably blog extensively and very boringly about this, sorry...
Finish my Hexi Bag...
I have fallen in love with this one again so I may take a break from the Sunny Spread for a couple of weeks at some point and have this as a temporary One A Day instead.  I'd like to have it ready for the Summer holidays.

Turkey Mats.  I am smitten with these and their peacock cousins, I would like to attach them to some special people's Christmas presents this year.

Christmas.  I can't quite bring myself to plan for Christmas yet, but there will be projects, I just haven't decided which ones.

Rebecca Danger Monster.  I have had this book for quite a while but am concerned that my knitting skills may not be up to it.  I won't make it until I have somebody in mind to give it to, my two don't need any more toys.  I think this yarn would be lovely for a monster...

At least a couple of projects from Creepy Cute Crochet.  I've had this book for ages and a recent post from Susan reminded me that I haven't made anything from it yet.  

2012BAMCAL / 2013BAMCAL.  This is an ongoing Crochet Along until December 2012, then I will start the 2013 one with different colours.  I am very behind so need to get caught up and then keep up.  I think this might be a good one to take on holiday with me.

Kornblomst Shawl.  I will need some yarn for this as I don't have any lace weight at all.  I'm holding out for the perfect colour, but I haven't seen it yet and don't know what it is.

A Groovyghan.  I am calling this my Molly Weasleyghan because the colours make me think of The Burrow. There is no timeframe for this one and if I really enjoy it I may make another one in bright colours later in the year.

At least one top from my Doris Chan book, I don't know which one yet.  I have tried a couple of times but find the patterns really hard to follow, if I just can't make them it will have to go.

A Hitchhiker.  Using King Cole Galaxy.

Maybe a Colour Affection.  This is not a stash project and will have to wait until I have made some space, I'm also not sure if I want to put too much knitting on my list as I find it so difficult compared to crochet.

I know this isn't the longest list ever but I think it's achievable.  I wanted to leave plenty of space around the YOP projects for things which take my fancy as the year goes on.  Many of the YOP posts I have read recently say they made their original lists too long so I'm trying to learn from them.

If you would like to see some more YOP lists then they are all here.   Have a lovely week.


  1. I like your list :) I'm in the same boat with Creepy Cute Crochet...had it for awhile but it's on my list to do something this year! I want to do a hitchhiker, just need to decide on the right yarn. Very manageable list you have, good luck!

  2. I LOVE your motifs! The Sunny Spread looks great with the background color you've chosen, and the hexagons are just beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing more crochet in YOP!

  3. Welcome to the YOP group I hope you have fun with us. I love your list and as you say there's room there for other projects to be slotted in as they take your fancy, I think thats important to. I really love the colours in your Sunny Spread and your Hexbag looks really interesting, can't wait to see more on that.

  4. Wow, you have big plans! I will enjoy watching you make these things. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I love your list --and all of you blankets are very eye catching. I have Rebecca Danger on my list also, knowing I may not be able to accomplish them as I have doubts about my knitting abilities. My Granddaughter would love, love, love the kitty Danger has designed.
    This will be a great year and I will be cheering you on!

  6. wow, I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make :)
    I find that sometimes life just gets real busy and something has to give. Hope all is well & Lookingforward to your progress.

  7. Great list, I had those turkey coasters in my radar last year and then forgot about them, I must put them on my (increasing) list....reading other people's lists is dangerous! Gosh that purple yarn is gorgeous those monsters are super cute aren't they?

    So excited that your joining in, it's definitely a great motivator!

  8. Yay!!! Great list - and I absolutely LOVE that yarn, it will make the most awesome monster. I'm thinking of making a couple of those as part of my YoP too, should be fun! the great thing about blogging is, if you should find you get stuck with the pattern, there are loads of people out there to help - so far every single time I've had a problem, a reader has suggested the perfect solution - I'm sure you'll manage anything you set your mind to, and if you need a little help from friends then so be it.

    Your WIPs are gorgeous - I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on.

  9. Great list! I love the yarn, it'll be a brilliant monster, maybe you could keep it as a mascot? And I love the creepy cute crochet,it's things like that that make me want to learn.

  10. What a great list and the colors you've chosen are all so bright and cheery! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  11. Those turkey coasters are a hoot! Love you're list, especially the Doris Chan options and the Hitchhiker shawl. I like your idea about going through your books and doing some projects. I'm the same...have a ridiculous number of them that I've yet to do any projects from. Will definitely check out this ravelry group now. Cheers.

  12. That Turkey coaster project is totally awesome. I've added it to my faves already. And now I have to go off and find the Peacock one you mention! AWESOME! See, this is exactly the kind of inspiration that make this Year of Projects blog-along so fun!

    1. The peacock one is just the Turkey one made in different colours, once you've got the pattern mastered it should be a doddle!

  13. ooh that sunny spread is going to be so gorgeous! looking forward to seeing your FO!

  14. Whew!!! HillyT, beautiful, busy ambitions! I am cheering you on :)
    Gracie <3

  15. Oh I'm in love with your African Hexies! They are just amazing, I have seen many people making these and got inspired a great deal! Seems you are so busy with too many beautiful plans! Have fun and enjoy making them!

  16. I love your gorgeous colourful photos! I have 8000+ yards of Stylecraft special DK to destash so there are a lot of monsters in my future, I think yours will be gorgeous (and luxurious!) in your yarn. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you get on over the year. :)

  17. LOVE the colors in Sunny Spread, one a day....will be anxious to see that progress as we embark on our mission of YOP x 2. I love color and so your cushions all bright and cheery look fabulous to me. What a nice addition to your living room they will make. Keep us posted.

  18. Hi there, good luck with your wonderful list. That Manos yarn is absolutely beautiful! Its really a special one, what great taste you have, Sonja @ Sunnyville x

  19. Wow, you're going to be really busy.

  20. Have fun with your list - I'm sure you'll have enjoy this YoP group - great bunch of bloggers and very motivating. I love the pictures you've posted - just about needed my sunnies to look at all that beautiful brightness. Doesn't that blue (or aqua?) make the other colours really come to life. Love all your crochet. You may have guessed its my preferred craft too !! xoxox

  21. The colors in your Sunny Spread remind me of fruit slices! Love it! Also really like the motif you are going to use as your Hexi Bag! Your list seems daunting to a newby like me but I'm sure you will make it through with vibrant, flying colors :-)

  22. What fun yarn for a monster. LOVE the colors in it.

  23. Hellooo :D I've just joined YOP this year, and (I've also just frogged a Color Affection!).

    That Manos looks like dragon colours to me, so definitely suited to a monster ;D