Monday, 4 June 2012

Time to take stock (a bit).

Please forgive a rather long and self indulgent blog post.  I loved this post by Tanya, so I thought I would do a similar one, though I have to admit that I am not going for full disclosure of my WIPs, I am too ashamed. Tanya makes me laugh, I like her blog a lot.

I am on a major stash busting mission at the moment, only allowing myself to buy a very occasional skein of really lovely yarn as a treat.  Hence this bundle of gorgeousness arrived the other day...

As a little well done present to myself for my new job.  I think that this is going to become a Hitchhiker.  I frogged my original hitchhiker in King Cole Riot because it was really tedious, but I have been making great strides towards teaching myself to knit "continental" style and it is immeasurably faster.  I still love the finished look of the Hitchhiker and would enjoy having a scarf in this colour next winter so I'm going to give it another go at some point soon, though not necessarily with this yarn.
I also treated myself to these, which seem to be the needles of choice for most of the knitters who's work I admire, and then realised I need a smaller size for the Hitchhiker in 4ply.  Doh.  So, I have promised myself not to buy the correct size until I have released at least two UFO's from their plastic bags and into the big wild world.

I started off my stash busting with my Flying Diamonds Shawl, the yarn for which I have had stashed for ages. This projects was a success, I am very happy with it indeed.  I do wish it was a bit bigger but wasn't about to buy yet more yarn, it'll be a great neck wrap in the winter.

Then I started work on these crochet socks, just because I thought it would be fun to have a try at crochet socks and again, I'd had the yarn stashed for ages and I knew I would never wear it round my neck as the colours, though gorgeous, don't suit me...
They are well on the way to being completed, I will blog about them properly on Friday if I have time.  Once again I note that a cat hair has snuck into my pictures.  There's usually one knocking about if you look hard enough, kind of like "Where's Wally?", but not as much fun.

My other plans are to make something using this...
Leftovers given to me by my knitting sister and not my usual thing at all it actually looks rather lovely knitted up and is very crisp and fresh feeling because of the cotton content.  I think it might make rather funky mats for drinks if I crochet it into circles, perhaps with scalloped edges.

As an ongoing project I am making a blanket out of this...
The project is a secret one (sssshhhh), but although it is pretty I can't seem to get my crochet mojo working.  I don't feel in the mood for large projects at the moment, I seem to need the satisfaction of finishing.  Does anybody else ever feel like that?
And four balls of this King Cole Galaxy, I really can't remember why I bought it but I think it to would make a fantastical Hitchhiker, complete with sequin stars, or possibly a shrug, or some sort of little top from my Doris Chan book?   Arrrgh, the decisions.

Then there is this, which needs to be finished because it is taking up my favourite Cath Kidston knitting bag and I am stubbornly refusing to remove it unless I am going to work on it...
Oh dear, I hate to say it but this is only the tip of the iceberg, This is only the stuff from the top of my craft boxes, I haven't even looked any deeper yet.  I'm so annoyed at myself for getting so bogged down and not finishing things.  The strange thing is, I hate to live in clutter.  I admire the homes of people who collect gorgeous bits and bobs, I think their homes are fabulous, but they aren't what I want to live in.  I feel a little but as if my stash is drowning me, not helped by the fact the the cupboard is getting difficult to close and it is at the end of my bed.  I feel that one night I may awake to find myself  being smothered by resentful and unfulfilled balls of fabulous yarn, driven to desperation by being trapped in a cupboard when they should be out in the world glowing with homemade gorgeousness.  It all has to end though, because we are planning to get some proper fitted wardrobes this summer and make our bedroom lovely, the stash needs to be busted.

For those of you who asked the job I have got is as a TA at a lovely local school (not my daughter's school but still lovely), I am actually a qualified primary school teacher but I know I don't have the time and energy to do that job at the moment.  This role will mean I can pick up my older daughter nearly every day and limits the amount of time I have to impose on my Parents In Law for childcare (though they assure me they don't mind). It also means that I will be with my girls all holidays and not have to do any work at weekends.  Yes, the pay is rubbish but all my adult life I have only wanted to teach and work with children.  This week I am mostly feeling a bit stressed out about the step I have taken to be honest, but I think it is the right thing.  As the wife of somebody in the army one has to be realistic, I can't be a full time career woman, I'm better off doing a job that I will enjoy and being with my babies as much as possible.

It's half term this week and I know that I'm likely to be a little absent from blog land as I enjoy some time with my little family.  I'll be back soon and if I don't have some stash busting finished objects to show you  I will be suitably ashamed.


  1. Congrats on the job. I don't make much either, but I work in an infants nursery and I love it. My husband isn't in the army, but works 3pm to 11pm. I finish my work day when she is getting off the school bus and during the summer she is in the older kids program at the same place I work. I can make more money when she in grown. Cherish these days. Don't they go quickly?

  2. I NEED that King cole galaxy in my life!!! and yes that that would make an awesome hitchhiker!! have a fun half term! x

  3. Well congrats on a job that suits your needs (and too bad about the rubbish pay - TAs deserve more!).

    I'm with Danielle - I too need that King Cole Galaxy - just lovely! You'll have some WIPs completed, I am confident.

  4. Oh massive congrats on the job.

    When I did my degree I wish I had gone on and trained as a teacher such a rewarding job working with children I bet.

  5. Oh I just pretend that ufo's really don't exist :-) Or even better if i stall on something I leave it a couple of weeks and then if no desire to carry on appears I frog it, ta-da no ufo, lol! Maybe it's cheating a bit but works for me :-)

    Have a good half-term holiday

    Lori xxx

  6. You brave girl showing your UFOs, mine have long since spilled off my shelves onto a table and are spreadin onto the floor a little too......oooppps! That kitpicks is a gorgeous colour, just up my street. I love you new needles too. Isn't continental so much more sensible, I am now a comfortable knitter continental style and dont revert back when I'm not thinking, to be honest, I can't see me going back at all.

    So pleased about you TA job, I worked in reception and a year one class for a few years before having kids, I loved my job, although it did have a few stressful moments, you will find a way and new routine I'm sure, and now you are fishing off WIPs and working there'll be new yarn ion the horizon!

  7. I don't have masses of UFOs at the moment but I am deliberately trying to work my way through them. I also have a pair of crochet socks on the go but a different pattern. Where did you get yours from? By the way, I love the colours in the yarn you are using for the socks and also that gorgeous pink skein.
    Now to go and look up what a hitchhiker is.
    xXx Helen

    1. I'll blog the socks more thoroughly on Friday, sorry not to have put a pattern link, I'll rectify that when I have a moment. I've linked to the hitchhiker on ravelry now, I hope this helps.

  8. Thanks for the lovely words!!

    THIS >>I admire the homes of people who collect gorgeous bits and bobs, I think their homes are fabulous, but they aren't what I want to live in.<< I totally agree with!

    Don't be scared to share, I found it was an excellent excercise in getting organised and very cathartic to boot!! I think a hitchhiker in the galaxy would be devine! Now you've got me thinking I should have picked up the similar sequined yarn I didn't buy the other day becuase I couldn't think of a project to match!


  9. Years ago I opted out of a B.S. in education and finished a B.A. in Speech-Communication. When my youngest daughter started kindergarden I was hired as an elementary school TA and loved the job which was mostly one on one tutoring. I had no family nearby to care for our children, but the school schedule fit well with our family. I hope you find your work to be wonderful for you and your family, as well. And from my observation and personal experience, while money is necessary, happiness costs less than one might think from what the world of advertising tries to sell us :)
    Confession: My stash is not unlike yours.
    Joy to you and yours,
    Gracie <3

  10. Oh, the idea of a Hitchiker in Galaxy is great, I might have to borrow that. Makes me think of the Hitchiker's guide to the Galaxy book :)

    1. Yes, the idea is to get 42 points, I love those books so much. I think I am now convinced to make it in the Galaxy, I already have the right sized circulars for that!

  11. What interesting and pretty yarn you have! That KP variegated pink will be so fun as a Hitchhiker shawlette. I love how you treated yourself to new needles. That Galaxy yarn is so awesome with the sequins in it. What a beautiful project it will make. I think making coasters out of that leftover cotton yarn is smart! They will be so summery.