Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Olympic Torch (with lots of photos!)

I consider myself a joiner.  By which I mean that if there is a national or local event going on I will do my best to join in with it.  One of the great joys of living near Hilly Town is that it is a town full of joiners.  If they are not joining in with something then they are arguing vehemently against it, which I greatly prefer to lethargy. Therefore it was of no surprise to me to find a great atmosphere in town when we went down to see the Olympic Torch make its way through town today.
There was a lot of waiting around, but Hilly Town looked resplendent in its bunting and it was actually rather nice to take the time to enjoy it.  I think it is too industrious a town to be truly "pretty" - though it certainly has beautiful areas - but it feels busy rather than sleepy, and it doesn't rest on its laurels, there is always something afoot.  We enjoyed some people watching and I was pleased to see and greet lots of people that I know, even though we've only been here ten months.  Did I mention that it is also friendly?
We found a good spot and settled in for the wait.  It amused me greatly that every time anything or anyone passed along the route they got a hearty cheer, especially the police and people on bikes...
I thought the police looked very smart in their proper helmets, which they seem to save for special event like this nowadays.  They were also very friendly and seemed to be enjoying the break from their routine as much as the rest of us were...

Eventually (after an initial parade of vehicles who were essentially advertising for the sponsors and so aren't worthy of boring you with pictures), along came the flame.  The torch bearer was walking very sedately and seemed to be savouring every moment.  I can't say I felt any Olympic magic but I was very happy to be there and so glad that the girls were there to see it.

The spare torches had a bus all of their own.

Just one little incident on the way home which I would like to remember.  Little B had been given a balloon by one of the sponsors and, as we walked home across the field it burst.  She was in no fit state to deal with this by the end of a long afternoon so she wailed.  L was far away on the other side of the field, but she looked back and saw what had happened she turned around and flew across the grass crying "Don't worry B, you can have my balloon."  The tears stopped and were replaced by smiles and hugs.  I was so proud of L (as I always am) but it was especially lovely that a woman who was sitting and enjoying the sun felt moved to tell me as I passed that it was one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen to witness such love between sisters.  They may squabble at times but I think there is hope that one day they will be the best of friends.
There will be more Olympic and Jubilee posts to come.  Although recently this blog has mostly dealt on crafts I want it to preserve some memories as well, and I have a feeling that this summer will hold a lot of happy days like these.


  1. Oh I was following the route on the BBC yesturday seeing it go through all the towns. I was so chuffed it went through Nailsea right passed my folks house and then ended up at the race course where me and H had an awesome night watching the show and then the torch. So I would have seen it go through your home towm. What a brilliant memory isn't it.

  2. What a lovely post... your girls will treasure looking back at this one day. Hugs, Jill x

  3. All so lovely, I think it's great to be a joiner, our kids have been so privileged to be growing up in times when so much is happening with the jubilee, th Olympics and the royal wedding last year....exciting times, I'm sure youre right that this year holds lots of happy and lovely memories for us all and our kids.

  4. I love your photographs, but your story of sisterly love is the best of all. Bless your little girls :) x

  5. Your daughters are way too cute! I'm glad you made it out to see the torch - I think England is getting ready to put on all her finery, and this was a very lovely start.

  6. So well done in every way! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day, your part of the world, and your family. I enjoyed the visit so much <3

  7. What an awesome event to come to your town!

  8. How nice to see that and your story of your darling daughter was sweet.

  9. Lovely day for you all and how sweet is your daughter for giving her sister her balloon :-)

    Lori xx