Monday, 14 May 2012

A bit of a sew.

For some reason I have had the urge to sew the last few days.  I don't mean with a needle and thread, because I just end up with very holey fingers when I do that, but with my machine.  I think it is probably because the evenings are lighter.  I'm very short sighted and find it hard to work with my sewing machine in the winter months.

I have started out with a simple reversible bag pattern from here, and I am very pleased with it.  L has recently started attending a Saturday Stage School.  I am not a mad woman who wants their little one to be a child star or anything, I am more than proud enough of her as it is.  I am hoping that having an activity outside of school will increase her self confidence.  As the class is evenly split between acting, singing and drama it also means that I don't have to spend my evenings ferrying her about when she is tired and reluctant to go.  I have to say it is working out brilliantly, she really seems to like it and since she started three members of staff at her school have commented on how much more forthcoming she is.

Anyway, she needed a little bag for her script, snack and (when I eventually have to buy them) jazz shoes, so I whipped up this for her.  The pattern was so easy to follow and the only alterations I made were to use webbing for the handles as I had some that matched and I knew it would save time.  I also cut out two long rectangles of fabric rather than two smaller rectangles which I would then have to seam along the bottom, I couldn't see any reason not to and it means the bag will be stronger....
She's very pleased with it.  The star fabric was picked up at the Malvern Quilt Show last year, the check is from some curtains my mother once made.  It's not perfect in terms of stitching so I'll be having a go at another one soon, the second sewing project always goes better than the first.  Even Mr HT thought it was "awesome", rare praise indeed.  Not that he is negative about my crafty pursuits you understand, just less than entirely engaged.

The tulips are from my father, who came to stay last week, they are a lovely treat.

Right, off to my hook and cotton.  I have a new crochet obsession to share with you soon.


  1. Well done! I'm glad your daughter is enjoying it. I crocheted some little bags for my grand girls to store their doll clothes in. It is fun to see them using them and interesting to see what besides doll clothes they carry around. Their little plastic dinosaurs got a ride in them one day(: <3

  2. 'just less than entirely engaged' totally sums up my hubby too.....he is happy that I am happy, so that's the main thin I guess!

    Great bag and what a lovely opportunity to go to stage school, I think that's a great confidence builder, and learning lots of extra skills that will be useful in all areas of growing up.....I'm sure if she's a raging success at something spectacular we will all vote on BGT for her!

  3. I love your bag and your tulips! Treasure your dad, I lost mine many years ago. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Lovely little bag Harriet! I would have loved that to carry my dance shoes in when I was little...Jill x

  5. Oh loving the bag and the nice compliment from Mr HT :)

    Well done indeed to talented daughter is so lovely when children start to feel more confident.

    Look forward to seeing the crotchet project.

  6. Loved your bag! Thanks for the link. Hope L continues to blossom! xxx

  7. Ooo fabulous starry bag! Loving the fabric :-) I love tulips too!

    Lori xx

  8. Mr HT is right it is awesome! Glad she's enjoying the stage school and if it's helping her grow in confidence then ever better :-)

  9. awwww what a lush bag you have made i bet your daughter loves it! i know i would :) So glad she is coming out of her shell and enjoying her new saturday activity.

    Im looking forward to hearing about your new crochet obsession

  10. That sounds like such a fun camp!
    I so envy that you can sew; can I come over for some lessons :O)?