Monday, 19 March 2012

The weekend.

Another weekend of illness in our house, this time the children seem to be suffering from some sort of germy nastiness.  Extreme lethargy and noses that look as if aliens are peeking out of them seemed to be the way of things.

On Mothering Sunday I was greeted by a breakfast of pancakes and bacon with maple syrup and a lovely little pile of bits and pieces when I awoke.
I love the homemade wrapping paper, I'd like a dress that colour!
In the afternoon the Granny Stripe was in for some use as the L and B snuggled in for some serious relaxing in front of their little DVD players (usually reserved for long journeys).  I hate to see them ill but I like to see the blanket being used for cosiness and snuggling, there is something very comforting about that particular blanket.

Some progress was made on this blanket as well, I like it more as it grows, and my tidy mind appreciates that at the moment I can lay it out in a square so I took a quick photo.
I hope you had a happy weekend.


  1. Our house has been hit by a snotty and sore throat bug over the last week! It's awful when their not themselves.

    The squares are looking wonderful, my eye is really drawn to the gorgeous one at the bottom centre. But they are all so pretty!!
    What lovely mother's day gifts, and so beautifully wrapped. Hope your all feeling better soon.

  2. I hope you all are getting better very soon! Your granny blanket looks wonderful on your sofa with your two sweeties snuggled under it.
    Love your squares! xxxBarbina

  3. So sorry the kids are ill.. but they sure look cozy and that they're enjoying their convalescence. I love your granny stripe blanket and your squares, too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hope L & B feel heaps better soon (how're you?!)... even if they *do* look extremely cosy under that blanket (and what a view behind them!).

    Your blanket squares are *gorgeous*. Am looking forward to your final reveal, if only because I love your colour choices.


  5. So sweet how your gifts looked.
    Sorry your babes are under the weather. The bugs this school year suck.
    Glad you have a wonderful Mothering Day.

  6. sorry to hear the little ones not been well. hope they are on the mend now. lovely home made wrapping paper love it!
    I love your blanket too the colours are lovely.

  7. oh my gosh, I love that picture of your girls snuggling under the blanket, so cheerful! =) I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  8. Wish everybody well, look at them under that gorgeous blanket. It's being well used!

  9. Hope everyone is on the mend now, love the snuggly blanket fabulous colours! The wrapping paper is wonderful :-)

    Lori xx