Friday, 30 March 2012

FO Friday (not one of mine though)

I thought that today I would share a finished object made by my sister.  She doesn't have a blog and never puts her projects on Ravelry.  I believe that she knows how to use the internet, she certainly manages to buy supplies for her craft, but I think she is too busy knitting to explore all its possibilities.

Anyway, as I mentioned she came to see me for a couple of nights this week and produced this beautiful shawl for me from her overnight bag...
It is made in Regia hand-dye effect lace weight (just over one skein I believe she said), the colours are very subtle and pretty, and have the added bonus of looking great with jeans, which is all I seem to wear at the moment much to my own boredom and despair...
I think the edging is worth a little close-up...

The pattern is called the Garden Party Shawl and is available on Ravelry.

My Union Flag cushion is coming along very well.  I have finished the front and the back is simply blue so shouldn't take too long.  I have a plan to personalise it and today popped out and bought a cushion pad for it.  I have also found some gorgeous ribbon which needs to be added in somewhere...
Fingers crossed it all gets done by Sunday.

Don't forget to pop over to Tami's for more FOs.  Blogger isn't letting me comment at the moment, I'm looking at all the beautiful projects and wishing I could tell you how great they are!


  1. Ooooh! I always wanted a Sister! I love the ribbon too. :) x

  2. Your sister is one talented knitter, and you are a seriously lucky girl! I'm just a tiny bit jealous. I can't wait to see your cushion all finished up -- that ribbon is fabulous!

  3. Very beautiful shawl! It makes me wonder about ALL those wonderful people who aren't sharing their projects with us!!! hahahaha, so thank you for making her share! ♥

  4. Beautiful shawl. How nice of your sister to knit one for you. Enjoy!

    Have a nice evening


  5. Everything's so fun! I agree, that ribbon is absolutely necessary :)

  6. Beautiful shawl and your cushion looks such fun!

  7. It's a pretty shawl, lovely colour. And the ribbon is so cute!

  8. The shawl is so very, very pretty. It looks so delicate and the colours are gorgeous! Lucky you to have such a talented sister. I really like that ribbon you picked up, it couldn't be more perfect!

  9. That shawl is stunning and I adore the ribbon!!!
    Maybe you can add a little to the side of the cushion, you know like you get on shop bought cushions, where they have that little flap which usually tells you the care instructions. I would double it over so it looks like a little hoop.

  10. Gorgeous shawl I love the colours in it, well done sister :-)
    The cushion will be fabulous too, great ribbon!

    love Lori xx

  11. That shawl is absolutely FABOOOOO... is that you wearing it? I wish I was so slim! Can't wait to see your finished pillow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. That ribbon is great! I hope to travel to London one day.

    Your sister did an amazing job on her shawl; goodness, look at that lace!

  13. hullooooo

    I've given you a bloggie award :D