Monday, 5 March 2012


Hello All.

It has been a little trying here in Hilly Town this week.  I have been unwell, and as I don't do unwell the whole place has started to fall apart around my ears.  What a mess everything gets if I leave it for a week! Now I am having to make concerted efforts to get things back into some sort of order.  Of course in my feverish state at the beginning of the week I got out EVERY TOY that the girls own so that I could sort through them, I was then far too ill to actually do anything at all with them so they are still heaped all over my living room.  This is my idea of a nightmare, I hate visible clutter!  Still, I am determined to press on with creating my Pretty Crafty Home so it will get done eventually.

In the mean time I have completed March's blocks for the 2012BAMCAL, so, with apologies to anybody nursing a headache for the second one, here they are...
Hint of Spring Square
Double Treble Burst Square

Having completed the Double Treble Burst Square first I have taken a decision to really cut back on that pink, so the Spring Fling has a lot more of the teal, which I prefer.  As a group though I don't think they look too bad, certainly very cheerful...

Aside from the CAL I also completed Willow from Jan Eaton's fabulous 200 Crochet Blocks book.  What a beautiful square it is to work, I am seriously considering making a whole blanket out of this one for a new One A Day (not with the pink though)...
All in all quite a busy crochet week, and I've even done a bit of knitting.

It was also World Book Day last week and L had to go to school dressed as a character from a book. Can you guess who she was?
I was so proud of her for resisting the temptation to go as a princess or a fairy!

I've got so much blog reading to do, I think I might have a sit down with my lap top and a glass of wine this evening and see what you lovely folk have been up to.


  1. Hello Sister, I thought I'd catch up with you this way. I hope you really are feeling a bit better now. That daughter of yours looks amazingly different with red pigtails. The pink is jolly, in your face jolly, you will be cheerful jolly. LOL B.

  2. Those squares are looking fantastic, very vivid colours and patterns :D I love how your daughter is dressed up, although I immediately though Annie....although I am not sure I am correct.Hope you are keeping well

  3. Stunning squares, love the colour combo's. I hope your feeling

  4. Pippi Longstocking? :O) I used to read her adventures!

    I'm so sorry you are ill. BOO you dang bad bug; shoo, shoo, shoo!

    Take it easy and pamper yourself. You deserve it.

  5. OK, who is she? LOL! Whatever she is dressed up as, she's an absolute doll! Your squares are eye-popping-ly fantastic! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Pippi longstocking! And the monkey is Mr. Nilsson right? She looks so cute. Like the squares, that double treble burst square looks amazing.

  7. I tried to do the Crochet CAL, but fell behind before I even started! Yours look great! I like to combination of teal and hot pink - can't wait to see the next ones :o)

    Your daughter is so cute at Pippi - those books are favorites around here as well.

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  9. I *love* the double treble burst square! It looks like a firework's exploded! :)

    L makes a very good Pippi.

    Hope you're feeling better!