Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday Tallies

Just a quick one from me today, I am afraid I have only managed 6 more of my African Flowers.  I had a little run of things which simply had to be finished for birthdays or CALs so I let the African Flowers rest for a bit.  I am not completely loving the colours at the moment either, but I think they might grow on me again.  It doesn't really matter anyway because they are a stash buster exercise and destined to become a small project bag for amigurumi and the like.
Anyway, here they are, 12 of them altogether.  I could just do one more and make a very small project bag or I could keep going for a couple of weeks and make it more of a medium size.  I think I will do the latter just in case I grow to love it, I can't possibly leave the house with a small bag for all my clobber.
I am also making a little bit of headway with my ginger amineko, it's really fiddly though and hurts my hands a bit so I only work on him in short bursts.  He's not for anything in particular and being a cat is happy to be lazy, unlike the sock monkeys who are very resentful if they get left on the piano in a half finished state for a couple of days.
In other news, I have given my kitchen a thorough clean and tidy as part of PCH.  It is now the only room in the house I enjoy being in because the rest of the house looks so messy in comparison.  It's all good though because it spurs me on to do the rest.  I won't do a lot of photos because they are honestly a bit boring but I thought I would show you this gorgeous Russian Doll cup measure, surrounded as it now is with space to be admired.  My mother had it in her kitchen and I commented on it so she gave it to me!  I made a small effort to refuse but she was having none of it.  She says she rarely bakes any more and she wasn't sure why she bought it.  I don't know how true this is but I love them and they go perfectly in my kitchen.  The chicken was given to me by my oldest friend, it has been all through mobile army life with me and survived intact.  It is a Wonder-Chicken.
I'm not sure how I'm going to craftify the kitchen yet but the shelf full of jam jars could certainly do with some crochet magic (no prizes for guessing what I have in mind).

I'm having camera issues at the moment so I apologise for the quality of the photos.  

I notice that Carole hasn't yet posted for the Tuesday Tallies but if she does they are, as always, well worth a look.


  1. I can't wait to see what the cat turns out like - the ones on the cover look very mischievous! I'm sure your bag will turn out beautifully and you'll love it once it's done. Alice :)

  2. Love the hexagons, they'll make a great bag :-)

    Oh the Russian dolls are gorgeous, I can see why it didn't take much persuasion to take them!

    Love the cat too, I plan on making one of those one day.

    Lori xxx

  3. I just found some of the Russian doll measuring cups a few days ago! I haven't bought any yet but I pinned the page so I could remember where to get them.
    xXx Helen

  4. I love the african flowers for some reason I think of Hawaii when I see them maybe the remind me of the colours of flowers. But I love the colours really pretty and fresh. xx

  5. Your African flower hexagons are pretty. It'll make whatever you'll turn them into some kind of wonderful.

  6. I say to soldier on with the flowers, they are so pretty. Just work on them whenever you get the chance. I will say that I love my African Flower bag that I finished a few weeks ago.

  7. Oh.. can't wait to see your orange kitty when done!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. The bag will be awesome, you should add some yellow lining! I should really get going on de-stash projects too :p. A bag would be a great idea.

    Have you seen the big cat on Coco Rose Diaries blog? Cool huh?

    Great work on the kitchen and I adore your Russion doll measure cups! Where did you find those?!

    1. Oh yes, I did see it, wasn't it lovely?

      I'm afraid I don't know where my mother bought the cup measures, I think it was probably from a kitchen shop local to her. I bet you can find some online though! I'll keep my eyes open.