Sunday, 5 February 2012

Got the Sunday Bleurghs

I'm going to keep this short today as I've got a bit of the Sunday Bleurghs for some reason.  This is the name I give to that funny feeling you get on a Sunday where you are slightly aimless and prone to eating junk.  I remember as a kid just willing Sunday afternoon to pass by, nowadays I know that one just has to regain control of how your day goes if at all possible.  I'm going to blog, then make lunch, then bake and maybe watch a film whilst catching up on my African Flowers.  Sunday will pass happily enough in the end.

So, I thought I would show you the squares I have made for the 2012BAMCAL on Ravelry.  I blogged about the first colours (which I wasn't loving) here, and here are the square in the new colours...

It is dull weather today so the pictures aren't great but they are certainly very happy colours in real life, especially that hot pink.  The squares are Pretty Petals and Drop in the Bucket and I love them, this is the third time I have made them now.

I'm excited about this months squares as well as they look like challenges, I've never tone FPDC before so that should be fun.  My table looked very inviting this morning...

 but I'm going to hold out because I've made no African Flowers this week and I love those as well, and I really want to finish my shawl and block it using my new blocking boards.  More on those another time.

I hope that you are enjoying your Sundays, I'm glad I blogged, I feel less Bleurgh already.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the bleurghs as it's the word I use too....I'm afraid I've had them for a couple of days now, lots of little things making for a rubbishy weekend.

    Love your new colours they're very fresh and suit the squares.I must get myself onto a project like this, I also like the beyond the square stuff that stocki and made in known are doing...maybe I'll do a one a week sometime this year.

    Hope that your Sunday is looking more rosy now!x

  2. Hope your Sunday improved! I call them the Sunday Sulks... Your blocks are gorgeous - LOVE the colours! Have queued both patterns on Ravelry! Too many blocks and not enough hours in the day! lol x

  3. I've got the Sunday blues too, it's pretty cold in here (the heating isn't working today!). So I feel the urge of making blankets haha.

  4. I am glad you're feeling better already! Your blocks are awesome! The sun is streaming in here and then we're going to our son's house for the afternoon to spend time with our 4 grandsons and the family. I will be working on my 2nd Teddy Bear while there. I guess I'll take my scary big girl camera and experiment with taking shots of the boys. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. The Sunday blues are rubbish, I have the weekend blues but that is mainly because I am under the weather. Those squares are really good, I can imagine how bright they are in real life. I like the heart centre square you have there it looks very pretty!

  6. Sorry you're feeling blue. Perhaps when getting into your plans you'll feel betta?
    My Sundays haven't been blue; my girls have their private swim lessons and I'm such a proud mama watching them dig across the pool and jump into the deep end.
    You are crocheting up some wonderful squares!

  7. Bleurghs is a good description, i must remember that one. I love the squares and the new colours.

  8. Don't be Bleurgh! That blue and cream square is stunning! I was just popping by to tell you that I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award if you would like to pop over to my blog and collect it...and the rules! :)x

  9. Hey, just thought I would let you know that I have given you an award :)

  10. Hope that Sunday passed with more happy stuff in the end :-) They are a weird day for feeling lost and aimless!
    Love the colours in the squares, fabulous darling!
    Lori xx