Saturday, 14 January 2012

When crochet goes bad...

Oh dear, I have had a bad crochet week this week.  My hook has been busy but somehow I am displeased with nearly everything I have produced.
One of the groups I joined on Ravelry at the end of last year was the 2012 Block a Month Crochet Along group (2012BAMCAL).  This is a group which I watched last year and even attempted the January square but I think I simply wasn't good enough at crochet at the time to follow the relatively complex patterns.  Anyway, this year I selected some Stylecraft from my stash and had another go only to realise one square in that the colours were doing nothing for me...
They might be sophisticated or whatever but they weren't going to keep me interested for a whole year, so I tried again with some colour mixed in...
Overall I felt this one was OK so I remade the first square and this is where I came unstuck.  I couldn't seem to find the right order for the colours and by the end of the square had come to the conclusion that I just didn't like them for this project after all...
I think that with some other colours from my stash they might make a gorgeous sophisticated granny stripe, but they aren't right for this endeavour.  If this blanket was going to be funky rather than fusty then a radical rethink (and a trip to the yarn shop, shame) was in order.

And so here are the colours I came up with as an alternative.  The lovely lady who was covering for the owner reassured me that they are a combination which work together.  I did pick them myself though so perhaps I am not a total loss!  
The pink is loud, there is no denying that, but I think crochet lends itself to being ever so slightly garish.  Of course it can be deeply sophisticated, but really, is there anything in craft which can better the heartwarming capacity of a really cheerful granny square?

I don't think so.

So with a little feverish activity over the next few days I should be back on track.  My aim this year is to produce a square a week for 48 of the 52 weeks.  This will give me a blanket of 6 by 8 squares and a few weeks to put it together at the end of the year.  Hopefully I'll be back in a couple of days to show you the 2012BAMCAL squares in their new woolly clothes.  L and B love these colours, I'm not sure if that is entirely a good thing but it's nice to hear gasps of joy greeting my squares!

Moving on, I just wanted to give a plug to the lovely project going on over at Stocki's blog...
All you have to do is hook up one square or more, within loose size parameters, in 100% cotton and send them over to Stocki, she does the rest.  For your troubles you get an equivalent number of entries to the draw for the blanket to the number of squares you have sent in.  I've started work on mine and will share them when they are all done.  

Right, I'm off to roast a chicken.  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. I think the colour thing is pretty difficult....even though I paint, and I know I can bang on match any colour you want with my paints, I seem to know how it's made, when trying to put stuff together I find it so hard. I often go to a framers after painting something and ask them to pick out the mounts etc... As I just can't. I like the squares you did, although if it's not what you normally choose then you might feel uncomfortable about it.

    I want to find a new Blanket to make for the one a day, so I fear a yarn shop visit is n order too!

  2. I LOVE pink purple and teal together! I think I want do make a granny blankie in them, love your pic!!

  3. I quite like the first square but can see how it would get boring repeating it in the same colours over and over. I have to admit to stepping out of my comfort zone yesterday when creating a mulit-coloured square which will be my next one a day effort. I was putting it off but my daughter visited with her puppy and they decided to "claim" my sample blankie. LOL I had to quickly whip up a square and pop it into my stash so I can copy it again. I used some bright acrylics which I would not normally choose. (they were gifted) and they actually look ok so maybe I will use them and create something different.

    I have to say, that I often look on in admiration at the "garish" colours as you call them. I just can't seem to bring myself to buy them. However, I am rather tempted. LOL Just need to get over my earthy green and brown obsessions. Im working on it and purple is getting quite a look in these days. :-)

  4. Colour can really make or break a project can't it? What's lovely in one set of colours can look a lot less pleasing in others. I have to love the colours to want to keep going on a project. I really like the three colours you settled on, really jolly and bright.

  5. i love all the squares you made. especially the second photo that is so pretty. the final colours you have chosen are funky. you are right crochet does lend it self to being loud and colourful with awesome results.

  6. I do like all the squares that you have made, the pattern is really nice as well....though I do have to say that the little granny at the end is my most favourite!!!

  7. I like the two first squares! I like the soft colors. The third one is a bit funky looking in my opinion. I think because of the yellow part in it, could be just my taste though. Wow, pretty bright pink! Very suited for these dark winter days, brightens up my day :-).

  8. Argh! Its so frustrating isn't it! I am USELESS at putting colours together..I know all the colours I like individually, but put them together and they always seem to swear at each other.. (rude colours!).. Hence I use a lot of cream and ecru etc... Those last 3 colours are beautiful together.. maybe we just don't like 'sophisticated' Hilly? Have you tried looking at the manufacturers shade cards to see what they have put next to each other etc.. that often helps. Thanks so much for the heads up for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket... it is getting very exciting! :)x

  9. I love how the second square looks but I think you're right, maybe a bit more colour was needed for the other squares - it's a difficult business isn't it?

    I've added a link to your site on my page, as a PCH maker! Hope that's ok? If you want to pop by and grab and button to use on your blog, please do!

    S x

  10. Choosing colors is fun, but requires a lot of trial and error. I really like the softness of the second square with the yellow center. Even though the third one has the same colors, the order of the colors really makes a difference in the overall look of the squares. I love the bright new colors, too. I agree with you, crochet is a terrific medium for happy fun colors.