Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Stubborn Man

I just thought I would pop by to record some of what we have been up to over the last few days.  I know I have been unusually quiet, sometimes everyday mundane things seem to take up all my time.  I'm making an effort to spend less time on the internet and more time enjoying the girls, I think I need to take a step back and just be with them, trying to treasure the amazing little people they are at the moment.

With that in mind we have had a quiet family Saturday.  A walk into town followed by play dough, a try out of our new sandwich press / panini maker thing (it's excellent) and then some baking....

We made gingerbread from this recipe and I can highly recommend it.  The biscuits are delicious, they came out exactly as I had hoped they would.  Of course then we had to decorate some of them...

I love the intense concentration on their little faces, I'm so glad I grabbed the camera and took a few pictures, they were working so hard at making them pretty!

Also happening in the Hilly Town house is marmalade making.  This is not my endeavour but Mr HT.  Mr HT is stubborn and persistent to the point of near idiocy at times.  Once his mind is made up there is simply no reasoning with him.  Not that I'm criticising because it is only rarely that he becomes really stubborn about something.  Marmalade was one of these things.  You have to admire the tenacity of a man who, despite only having about 30% of the use of his dominant hand, and painful use at that, decides that he is going to squeeze and chop enough oranges for 10 pots of marmalade.

What a guy, or maybe what a nutter, I'm not entirely sure.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend with the people you love.  I'll be back with my new One A Day on Tuesday if not before.  Until then I hope the stars are smiling down at you.


  1. That looks like so much fun! The gingerbread cookies are cute.
    If your husband is going to make more marmalade in the future, tell him it would be good to invest in a juicer!

  2. What a yummy looking post....lots of time taken up with t'internet isn't there ( says she doing just that!)

    I love marmalade, but haven't ever attempted it, jams and chutneys always take a lot effort though, so good on your hubby for his tenacity....hope it tastes good!

    Ha a good weekend, look forward to seeing your new one a day....

  3. Lovely biscuits, it sounds like a super day. Homemade marmalade sounds fab, have never tried making it from scratch, good on Mr HT!

  4. I love Gingerbread and I love you need a lodger? :) x

  5. You are so right to spend time with those precious little ones instead of online! That's what bedtime is for. I'm glad I didn't have internet when my kids were little.. it only came about when they were in their late teens. Love your gingerbread and adorable little one. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. It is healthier to spend time with your little ones, and it shows you have been doing looks like you had a wonderful day with gingerbread biscuits and your Mr stubbornly making marmalade, i would say 'what a man' :)

  7. Those faces are a picture of concentration! Well done to them on pretty looking gingerbread. Well done MrHT, stubborness it may be but it will be delicious too :-)
    Lori x

  8. you are so right, spending time with the little ones while they are so young, enjoy those precious times with them.
    The gingerbread biscuits look fab, I have been looking for a good recipe so will give this one a go. Thank you so much.

    Mr HT is a good one making marmalade, I made it a few years back and its very time consuming which so much chopping to do.

    Enjoy your sunday.
    Shelley @ all4meggymoo

  9. Love the pics of the girls! they did an awesome job decorating. Orange marmalade - yum! I love it on toast with butter. I bet homemade taste way better than store bought!

  10. I too have been making marmalade and am passing on a tip which may help in the cutting up stage. I cut my oranges into eighths and add them to the water for stewing, along with the lemon juice, until they are soft. At this stage, allow to cool and then snip the peel into suitable size pieces with scissors - then continue in normal way. I have arthritic hands and find that cutting up the raw peel is very difficult but once t has been stewed and softened the scissors work like a dream and I have managed to retain all fingers intact.