Monday, 23 January 2012

Roobarb (and Custard)

We have been very busy here in Hilly Town and I have at least two posts worth of bits and pieces.  I thought I would start with the yarny stuff, just because I am in a yarny mood.

This is a gratuitous picture of the shawl I am making at the moment. I include it only because it is the first picture I have taken of King Cole Riot which vaguely resembles its actual colours.  I'm pleased with how this one is growing now but it is desperate need of blocking so I'll save the photos for another time.

There is still time for you to take part in the Beautiful Blogger Blanket hosted over on Stocki's blog.  I have made four 100% cotton squares to add to what must be a steadily increasing pile of 100% cotton squares at her house.  I have decided to refer to them as the Roobarb and Custard collection although curiously, on watching a video of aforementioned cartoon characters on YouTube I realise that Roobarb was a green dog and Custard a pink cat.  This makes no sense but I'm trying not think about it too deeply.

My squares are Drop in the Bucket by Janie Herrin (I had to finish before the final rounds to keep it to size), Pretty Petals by Melinda Miller, Lacy Cross from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, and a Granny Square from the Inner Recesses Of My Mind, just because I like them.  There would have been more of the Sunflower Yellow but I had to use it for this bag and so I only had a little left, therefore they are mainly made in Hot Pink from the Stylecraft Classique Cotton collection.

The first two are the same blocks as I made for the January 2012BAMCAL over on Ravelry, I enjoyed them so much I thought I would have another go.  The eagle eyed amongst you will have spotted a mistake in the Lacy Cross so I will either unpick it and try again or make another granny square, or maybe I won't send it.  I didn't even notice until after I was setting them up for the photograph.

Finally I have to mention to you a brilliant yarn shop which I visited the other day, Get Knitted in Bristol. Luckily it is far enough away that it will not tempt me to go over there regularly but it had an excellent selection of good brands of yarn (Rowan, Debbie Bliss etc) and also lots of beautiful, luxurious hand-dyed skeins, the lace and sock jillybean yarns were absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately I am not in a position to buy that sort of thing at the moment.  I was there to buy yummy yarn for my knitting sister as a joint present from my other sister and me.  They also have a website where they have lot of their own (I think) Jillybean range for sale. One day I will definitely be indulging in some of the sock weight, lace weight still scares me a little bit!  In the mean time I treated myself to this...

Which is a Regia Hand-dyed effect sock wool.  It's very pretty and I have a shawl in mind for it but I have to admit, it isn't a patch on those hand-dyed skeins.  Still, I like it very much and I think it will be lovely for the project concerned.

I'm a bit behind on my blog reading as we've had a manic weekend so I'm hoping to fit in a bit of a catch up between cleaning today.  I hope you have all had lovely weekends.


  1. This is a wonderful wooly post :) Your shawl is being made with lovely warm colours.

    The squares are very pretty, the yellow and pink look very good together!!

    The wool you have got there looks really nice, and will definitely look good as a shawl :)

  2. Your squares for Stocki look wonderful, I sent some off last week but forgot to take a picture of them to post!!!
    Your riot shawl looks lovely, it's so tricky sometime to get a good photo of colour of wools. They can come out completely different shades.
    That new wool looks very nice can wait to see it become a shawl.

  3. Your squares are very cool; they're bright and cheery. The variegation of that wool would be good in a shawl.

  4. The colours of yarn in both the shawl and the skein at the end are just beautiful. I am sure you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of the shawl once it is finished. I finally spotted the mistake in the block with the cross. I wouldn't unpick it, just send it anyway, it makes it unique. And it still looks fabulous. Just pretend you did it deliberately!
    xXx Helen

  5. I love all your yarns.. pretty stuff and can't wait to see your finished works.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your mystery shawl looks gorgeous and your squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket are lovely! I love the Roobarb & Custard theme! I'm really excited to see them with all the other squares that have been sent.. :)x

  7. Love the colors of your shawl. It is going to look stunning when finished. Those squares are so pretty, too. A good yarn store can be dangerous. I sometimes wish that my LYS was further away and not 5 minutes from my house!