Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A New Thing: Book Reviews

So far this year I have read a lot.  Last year I read virtually nothing, but I did do a lot of crochet and sewing, much of which I have shared with you!

I miss reading though, and I am so happy to be losing myself in books again.  So I thought, crafty bloggers are usually good writers and therefore it may well follow that they like to read.  Perhaps they would like to read the occasional book review on my blog, as I would like to read little book reviews on theirs.  My other friends who read this blog are also avid readers so I know they won't mind.

The Knitting Circle, Ann Hood

Now it so happens that the book I have just read is about a Knitting Group, it is in fact called "The Knitting Circle" by Ann Hood and it is currently available on Kindle for £1.99, which is a steal because it is £9.98 in paperback.  I absolutely swear to you that I do not just read about knitting and other yarn crafts (no really, I honesty don't) but I saw the title and the price and needless to say it appealed.

The book examines the life of the main character Mary as she comes to terms with a terrible bereavement. The descriptions of her feelings are raw and powerful.  I cried a lot: I don't cry easily, I'm a toughy.  Despite that I really enjoyed the book.  It really isn't just a book for knitters, it's a book for women, and it's not light hearted chick-lit, it's well written, thought provoking and more-ish.  I'm a fast reader anyway but this one went at the speed of light.  

I used to run a book group and I think they would all have had something to say about this book.  Some would have loved it, some might not, they'd all have got drunk whilst discussing it and the evening would have been awesome.  I think there is something in it for most women, and probably some men, to identify with and be touched by.  I'd be happy to recommend it to anybody who would listen.

I'm not going to rate the books I read, I get a bit tired of the expectation that so many things in life can be scored out of five, but this is a good book and if one of you decides to download it and enjoy it then I'll be very happy to have mentioned it to you.

Have a lovely day. 


  1. the book sounds great. Im not someone who reads a lot because a book really has to capture my attention very the very start. I may well give this one a go once i have finished with the text books.
    thank you and such a fab idea.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation....I find I get to the library or bookshop and don't know what to choose....I will add this one to my list..it does sound like my type of read :)

  3. I've already ear-marked this book to be one of the first to download on the Kindle app on my new phone...next week! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.

  4. I tend to read a lot of light material, chick-lit, fantasy like Narnia etc. They are also easier for me to follow in English since it is not my native language. I use to read a lot and more serious books, but somehow I can't find the energy to read a bit before sleeping haha. I should though after reading your review.

  5. My sister bought this for me for Christmas and I haven't started it yet (because it's a paperback and I usually read on my Kindle!) but it's good to hear you'd recommend it. I may have to pick it up when I've finished my current read. I've just joined a book club and the first book I have to read for it is Before I Go To Sleep, which I read yesterday and enjoyed very much.

    I love getting book recommendations and it's why I like the Yarn Along memes on Wednesdays at Small Things too.

  6. I work in a library and have come across this book frequently as I tidy up the shelves ~ I now think that I will add it to the pile of things that I am going to read ~ Thanks for the review :O)x

  7. Hello I've found you via Teresa Kasner's blog. Had heard of the book before but not got round to readig it. Will get it/request it from Library. I also follow Attic 24 and The Quiet Home. Anne x

  8. I read this book; it's sad but I like how the women connect via the knitting circle. There is one part I totally disagree with tho in regards to Mary's relationship.

  9. I completed this book about a week or so ago and I wholeheartedly agree with your review.