Monday, 2 January 2012

My Sockster and New Year

Our first New Year in our new house was spent like this...

Pink bubbles, the sofa, my husband and Jools Holland doing his stuff, it was very pleasant.  I don't drink very much at all usually so even a few glasses of bubbles made me feel a little bit ropey the next morning.  I expect it's the only drink related roughness I will experience until next New Year if this year is anything to go by, so I shan't worry about it.

It's a terrible photo but I thought I would just show you the lovely socks my clever sister R made us for our birthdays last year.  We both happened to be wearing them on New Years Eve and they were toasty warm and full of socky brightness.  I am not much of a one for New Year's Resolutions but that is one of my desires for this year; I would like to knit socks.  Hand made socks are awesome, they are enough to persuade even an increasingly hardened non-knitter like me to pick up four needles at once.

New Year's Day was much more of an event with a trip to the lovely city of Hereford ( I will do a post about Hereford one day) to visit my parents and be taken out to lunch with all the family gang.  There was lots of chatter and personally I enjoyed seeing the four children (though one of them scarcely counts as a child any more) getting along and making noise in their own inimitable fashion.  My niece showed me the dark and sparkly nail-varnish she had bought with part of the voucher we gave her for Christmas.  I was a bit jealous of it to be honest.  I would go and buy myself some but I am afraid I might be drummed out of Topshop for having the audacity to heave my ageing body through its portal.

Then we went back to my parent's house for Christmas cake and mincepies.  This cake amused me...

My mother had added Puss in Boots because the children had all seen the film in the run up to Christmas, but I think it looks as if he is carrying out a massacre on the ski slope.

And finally, I was more than thrilled that my sister knitted me (and Mr HT) more socks for Christmas.

Aren't they fabulous?  She hadn't quite finished Mr HT's pair (despite staying up until 3 am) so she wrapped up one of them and finished the other one off while we all drank tea...

Look, she did Kitchener Stitch and everything...

Very clever.

As for New Year's Resolutions I don't usually bother to be honest but this year I would like to learn to use the camera properly (these photos are particularly rubbish, partly because of the light but also because I'm technically incompetent) and maybe have a go at sock knitting.  I'm also going to watch all seven series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer again and try to use the word Wireless so that it doesn't die out.  I think I can probably achieve the last two even if the first two go by the wayside.

Happy New Year.


  1. Happy new year to you and your family. It looks like you celebrated in style :-) good luck for 2012 I look forward to seeing how your year pans out :-)

  2. I too normally watch Jools but this year I fell by the wayside and was asleep by 11:45! We have had a lovely but busy Christmas an I think it all caught up.

    Your sister is super clever, the socks look amazing. I would like to do some more complicated knitting (my skills are barely basic) but definitely not socks!

    I hope you hav a really good 2012 and that you make socks aplenty!

  3. Happy new year! We had a quiet one too, in fact so quiet that we both fell asleep before midnight.

    Hand knit socks are totally awesome, I will be your personal cheering squad on your socky mission. I would suggest trying a mini sock keyring first, followed by some socks in DK or thicker as they are faster to make.

    And go for the dark and sparkly nail varnish! If anyone pfts at you just think that they can't crochet a super blanket so they should hold their pfts! :)

  4. Lovely celebration and gorgeous sockies. Lucky you!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I want to learn to make socks this year too! This is going to be our sock year :)

  6. Wow you are so blessed with a sock knitting sister :) Happy New Year x

  7. I love your pictures, they definitely capture the moment! Happy New Year!

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful Sock time :) good to hear you had a good new year and very cosy toesies :)

  9. You are so lucky to be related to a sock knitter! Fabulous socks she's made.
    Glad you got in some celebration time.
    Hau 'oli makahiki hou!

  10. WOW those socks are amazing!!!
    And if I can knit socks so can you:)))
    Pop into acp-your sure to find help there.Plenty of amazing ladies that are always more than happy to help♥
    Personally I find socks easier 2 @ a time going toe up but I learnt on 4 needles too.
    Good luck and best wishes