Wednesday, 14 December 2011

WIP Wednesday

Oh dear, I seem to have lost my handmade gift mojo.  There just seems to be so much going on at the moment.  In my defence when I undertook the handmade Christmas I wasn't expecting to have any paid work to do and actually I've had quite a lot so very little spare time has been available.

I have made this pink bag for a member of my family though, and I still think it's a lovely pattern.  The little flower embellishments are from this Attic24 pattern and they are a minor miracle because usually when I try to make little flowers I end up with enormous knots instead.  The buttons were one of my purchases from the craft fair in Cirencester which I told you about in this post and I think they are just right for these bags.

Other than that I have made this case for my mother's new Kindle but I am not happy with it and it's going to be frogged.  It's wonky, probably not big enough and generally a bit too messy for a gift I would be happy to give.  I'm a big fan of the yarn though, it's Sirdar Escape Chunky in one of the new colours (176) and it was lovely to work with.  It's going to become a pair of wrist warmers instead.

I feel something dangerous coming to pass in my craft life.  It's beginning to feel like a chore and I have enough chores.  Craft brings me pleasure, peace and joy, I don't want to worry about it and spend my evenings fretting over whether I will get it all done before Christmas.  With that in mind I have decided that I will only aim for one more present, a better kindle case for my mother, so that is my work in progress for today, pictured with a little nutcracker ornament I picked up from a Christmas Market in Germany...

The yarn is King Cole Bamboo Cotton in the softest grey, it's a really pretty colour.  The pattern I am winging but I first came across the crossed treble stitches here.  I am hoping it will be finished by Friday.

I hope that your Christmas crafting is bringing you lots of pleasure, I can't wait to see what the clever people at Tami's Ami's are producing.


  1. Christmas will be over soon and we can all start crafting for fun again. I love your bags and I am going to make the disaster bag for myself after Christmas.

  2. I love the bags you have made, it makes me really want to learn crochet! The yarn you are going to frog is really pretty too, it will make excellent wrist warmers.

  3. Oh my gosh! I LOVE those little bags and the bright colors! Too cute!

  4. my goodness those little bags are beautiful and such lush colours.
    you have probably lost your crafting mojo due to christmas and the about of pressure us crafters feel at this time of year. NO hand made gifts from me this year since I have been so busy studying.

    Merry christmas, you have made such beautiful gifts.

  5. Lovely bags. The yarn looks like it will make great wrist warmers. Next year I will definitely start gift knitting in March!

  6. Gorgeous bags! If it's feeling like a chore then you're definitely due for a break! Crafting to a deadline usually takes the joy out of it!

  7. Like the look of the crossed trebles it's nice to learn something new isn't it.

    It sounds lik you have made a wise decision in taking the pressure off, I have a good sized list still and like a fool will continue to plod on! Well more like sprint than plod! I am looking forward to what I will do in the week after Christmas with no real stress or plan!

    Enjoy the following week before Christmas, hope you suss the kindle cover, your bags are lovely an th flowers very pretty!

  8. I know what you mean about the danger of crafting becoming a chore. I've been making stuff up for craft fairs, and I can feel that concept beginning to creep up, so I've slowed it down a little because I really don't want to turn it into a chore!

    On a happier note, though, those Provence string bags? Are beautiful, oh my gosh. I've put the pattern in my faves, and yours are just beyond lovely, amazingly pretty stitching and great colours and embellishments. I wish I were on your Christmas gift list! ;)

    The second Kindle case is looking beautiful, too, really interesting stitch texture and pretty yarn.

  9. Oh, it really isn't good when crafting starts to feel like a chore - definitely time to step back when that happens.

    Love those bags, they are beautiful and the colours are fab :)

  10. Good for you for setting limits to keep yourself sane and your crafting happy. The bags are gorgeous! And I'm completely smitten with the button on the (only very slightly) wonky Kindle case. Pretty!

  11. The bags are so pretty and those buttons cute in the middle of the flowers!
    I think we always have good intentions with knitting Christmas presents but life happens and it's no fun anymore.
    I'm frogging the Pay-It-Forward gift I did. Totally bummed about that and made me lost my mojo. Need to get back up on the chair.

  12. The Provence bags look so nice. love the colors you've chosen and the button on the kindle cozy looks too cute.