Thursday, 15 December 2011

A Christmas Nativity full of Christmassy Critters.

I am going to blog Christmas pretty thoroughly, this is our first Christmas in our own home and I would like to remember it.

This year L was asked to be Mary in the Church Nativity and this being Hilly Town and therefore a little on the eccentric side there was to be a real donkey and she was to ride it.  As you can imagine she talked of little else for a week and last Sunday I adorned her in blue and off we all trotted; L, me, Mr HT, B, Grandad HT and Granny HT, off to Church to meet the appropriately named Gentle The Donkey...

Seriously, look at that face, this was possibly the sweetest natured creature ever to walk the earth.  Lizzie however suddenly decided that Gentle was plotting her imminent demise and burst into tears.  Now, she's ridden before and far bigger creatures than this so I think we can safely assume that she has having slight dramatic histrionics.  She was given a brush and encouraged to give Gentle a rub with it so that she could see how placid the creature was but the look of horror remained...

it was to no avail.  In the end I had to get a little ruthless.  I just had to plonk her on and watch her sitting there looking miserable as she was walked very slowly and not even slightly alarmingly around the Church.  I have no idea if this was the right thing to do or not but I felt she would feel bad afterwards if she lost her chance to ride this beautiful creature and spoiled the performance.  I consoled myself with the thought that the real Mary may well have been feeling anything other than happy on her own journey and therefore L's face had a look of authenticity which would have been hard to match by other means.

The Nativity went as smoothly as these things ever do from that moment onwards.  I took more pictures but they have other people's children in so I won't show them.  I must however share this cheeky little chap with you...

He was supposed to be travelling with the wise men but kept peeking around the Church door to see what was going on.  I think he resented Gentle's starring role.

No more Christmassy Critters for now but definitely more Christmassy blogging to come.  Enjoy your preparations everybody.


  1. I reckon L (who looks very lovely btw) was keeping it real, I'm pretty sure that Mary wouldn't have been beaming on her journey.

    How lovely to have an authentic nativity complete with donkeys....look forward to seeing what other things HT has up it's christmassy sleeves.

  2. This loooks lovely, L looks adorable as Mary!The cheeky one is my favourite, he looks so cute!

    Oh, can you pop by my blog...there is a surprise :)

  3. There is another surprise at my blog, looks like you won the jackpot ;-)

  4. Awww! Such cuties! Poor thing, she does look very wary of the donkey!