Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bye Bye Christmas, you were lovely.

So it's over for another year.  I have to say that when I was a child I could never understand why my mother seemed so frazzled at Christmas.  "Christmas," I thought to myself in my childish way, "is fun, what on earth is the problem???"  Well, it's amazing how much better we understand out mothers as we get older.  I have had a wonderful few days, beautiful presents, fabulous food, but now we are all exhausted.  I haven't even got the energy to turn off cbeebies, to be honest I think that a morning of time wasting in front of the tv might be just what my little princesses need.

Onwards ever onwards, I have a finished object to share, my Christmas shawl.  It did not get finished in time for Christmas or even Boxing Day but I am very pleased with it.  It is from this pattern and uses King Cole Galaxy in red.  I was pleasantly surprised how easy this yarn was to crochet with, sequins and all.  In the end I used three full balls.  I didn't block because I liked the density of the pattern as it was and I did not bother with the very last row of the pattern because I tried it and felt it was unnecessary, especially as it would have meant starting a whole new ball.

If I might gush for a minute, the South Bay Shawlette pattern is completely lovely.  It is easy to follow, just interesting enough without meaning that I either got bored or could not watch TV while doing it.  I honestly enjoyed every single stitch.  It does require some attention, I had to unpick two whole rows quite near the end because I was foolish enough to try and make it while suffering from a stinking cold.  This was a horrible task not so much because the work was wasted as because the Galaxy was a nightmare to unpick and I lost a few of the sequins in the process and had to break the yarn in one place.  The pattern itself was a joy though and so pretty.  If you have ever vaguely considered making a shawl I would give this one a go.  The diagram is self explanatory to those of us with even the most rudimentary knowledge of how to read them, far easier to follow than the written pattern.

I did ask Mr HT to take a picture of me wearing it but L looks so much better that I thought I'd use this one instead.  Bless her, she did not receive her two front teeth for Christmas but she and her sister seemed happy nevertheless.


  1. The shawl is really pretty. It looks soft. I am really enjoying this time when there are no more gifts to make and my work is closed of the holidays. Very relaxing and fun.

  2. What a beautiful shawl ~ I love the colour and all the sequins make it really pretty too :O)x

  3. I love your shawl! and you have inspired me to attempt a crocheted shawl now. Beautiful colour with the sparkles too!

  4. Wow, beautiful shawl. I love the sequins, I would have always avoided using any yarns like that but after seeing the finished item i'd definitely use it.

  5. It looks super, I think I might have to give that yarn a go, the sequins are pretty but nicely subtle