Tuesday, 1 November 2011

One A Day


I hope everybody has had a lovely start to November.  Things here are ticking on.  I had hoped to have a Ta-Dah for my round ripple but it isn't ready to show you at the moment because I have been too lazy to sew in the ends and block it.  I really need some decent tv to do those ends, I think it might be time to crack open my wedding anniversary present (9 years, wow) of Bones series 6 and knuckle down.

So instead I will share the beginning of my new One A Day with you.  It will be made using these colours in good old Stylecraft again.  They are perfect for L's room and I like the way they go together.

My inspiration for the first six squares of the new crochet concoction came from the lovely butterfly squares in this post from Tickety Boo, another Gloucestershire blogger who's pages I would highly recommend.  I was so struck in fact that I fetched a ball of wool and a hook and had a little go.  These goes were not successful because I am an idiot who cannot read a pattern properly, especially when it is in American terms.  These were my first two...

As you can see they are more than a little wonky donkey at the edges, and that's after blocking.  This was was because I used a DC somewhere I should have used a TR and then used a UK TR when I should have used a US TR.  Anyway, they are now frogged and these are two of my keepers...

There's another one the same but in the cream which I haven't included because it's still blocking.  I do not intend to make the whole blanket out of these squares because I want it to include more special things that L likes.  I would like to make some flower squares and maybe some star squares if I can find one, I would be very grateful for star square suggestions if anybody knows of a pretty one.  I will be filling in all the details on my ravelry project page.

Unfortunately my lovely LYS is desperately short on Stylecraft at the moment.  I am undecided as to whether to hold out for a delivery or order online.  I hate to order online when it might come in any day because I would so much rather give my custom to her.  Oh well, I will continue with what I have for now, it should do me at least another week and maybe two.  Perhaps that big box of yarn will have come into the shop by then.  Or maybe it will be there tomorrow when I am hoping to attend my first ever crochet group. I'm very excited about that prospect, I hope they are friendly and do not poke me with their steely hooks.

Might I humbly suggest a trip over to Carole's blog for some more one a day goodies?  There are bound to be some lovely sights, I'll be visiting them all later on today when the little poppets are tucked up in their cozy beds.


  1. Very pretty pattern. You are not an idiot. I am american and when I read uk patterns I get all mucked up too.

  2. How exciting to be going to a crochet group, is it common to go to one of these and be poked by hooks? As it would certainly put me off!

    Love your butterfly squares it would be really nice worked with other squares with different motifs in them, I'm sure a good trawl thru ravelry will give you loads of ideas. There was a blog I used to look at which the writer had designed some gorgeous dragonfly motifs, I will try and find her again and send you the link, you know what it is, you spend time looking at so many, you lose yourself!

    I gotta say I am pretty rubbish at carefully following patterns as I tend to guess rather than read......makes life more interesting though!

    Have a good week!

  3. Ha ha, my brain has worked more quickly than normal and I found the blog, she has some beautiful designs and free patterns that may suit, and even found this star in a square


    Food for thought?

  4. Hi!
    I like these butterfly squares. The yarn your using is beautiful. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Very pretty squares, they look lovely so far!

  6. Those sqaures are so pretty!!! I can't wait to see more of this blanket. xx

  7. Those squares are beautiful, so delicate looking. I love the idea of picking squares that mean something rather than sticking to a strict pattern.

    I am terrible at waiting for deliveries at LYS and end up ordering online. Mine never get the colours I need or in the yarn I want, but it is good see the colours and feel it in person.

    Good luck at your group, and if they poke you, poke them back!!

  8. Ohh I like that square pattern Ill definitely have to store that away for the future (like when Ive finished the four other things Im working on right now....). I like your colour combo and think its going to look beautiful as a blanket! Jxx

  9. Those squares are gorgeous! And the wool looks so lovely too! I am sure fellow crochet friends will be very friendly! What fun you will have! I have been dreaming of joining such a group but they all seem to be in the middle of the day around here which is no good for us! Looking forward to seeing your ta-dah next week and to see this new project evolve!

  10. These squares are wicked! Well done :-) I'm looking forward to seeing the finished ripple! :-)

  11. Wow, those butterfly squares are so pretty, lacy and feminine! I look forward to seeing what comes of this. Pretty colors, too.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Pretty pretty. I liked the wavy edge too, but of course it wouldn't work in a blanket!

  13. Ooo this is a lovely pattern... I'm tempted to make one right this minute.. ahh but no pattern yet.. thank goodness for that, I nearly started another blanket then! :)x

  14. The squares are so pretty, especially in those colors. I hope that the new yarn shipment comes in soon. Can't wait to see your round ripple in it's ta-dah moment.

  15. Gorgeous colours and those squares are very pretty.

  16. Happy anniversary! And yay, love watching bones. Your squares are beautiful, it is a lovely pattern

  17. Thank you for the linky to my blog! It was lovely to meet you yesterday at ACP. Funny how our squares are coming out different sizes when we compared them :)

  18. Ooh those butterfly squares are so pretty!
    Hope you survived the crochet group!! Judy x

  19. These are lovely squares! And you have some really nice colour wool for it :D

    Yeah when i first started learning how to crochet, i kept getting messed up with the uk and us DC..but thankfully i have it well practiced.

    Your ta-dah will be amazing, i just know it :)