Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mad In China

Recently my girls have been playing a lot with these ponies which have been given to them by various kind friends and relatives.  I suddenly thought the other day that one day they will not play with such things any more and decided that I would try to get a few snaps of them in full play mode.  This one was taken after they went to bed so the light wasn't very good but it was so typical that it needed to be documented.

 There is no place for me in these games and I try to stay out of the way so that their imaginations can take them wherever they wish to go, but somehow I have come to love these strange arrangements of lurid plastic which I find in the strangest parts of the house.  Please note two wind-up Father Christmas', a dolls milk bottle,  and Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy tucked behind the pinkest pony.  I have no idea why they are there at all.

The other day L was looking at the bottom of one of her ponies and said "This one is called Mad In China", it made me chuckle because it seemed like quite a good name for these garish little creatures.


  1. Hi Hilly.. thanks for popping over to my blog yesterday...we can't be far away from each other as I am in Oxford! My daughter had many My Little Ponies when she was young (she is now 27)... it's lovely to see that they are still around as ours went to new homes long ago.. :)x

  2. I remember my little ponies, but I'm not sure I had one. Girls toys are so much prettier to look at than boys. I have far less attractive things littering my house!

  3. I still have some at the attic of my parents, in a box...waiting for someone to play with them. Kinda sad isn't it? Maybe I just saw to many toy story movies (I love buzz and woody!). So nice to see them in "action".

  4. We have plenty of these at our house too, loving the name... so appropriate it's uncanny!

  5. Oh dear, I hope my littlest doesn't find out about these.....the toy story obsession is bad enough! Your gil hit the nail on the head though ;)