Friday, 11 November 2011

Lest We Forget

For some of us wars are not tragedies which happened in the past, they are with us every day in our thoughts and in their effects on the people we love, our husbands, children and friends.

Please wear your poppy with pride and remember the sacrifices of soldiers across the generations.

(Image from here, thank you).


  1. I was maybe 4 when war first touched my life (the Falklands). My Dad was supposed to be going, but was the Brigadier's bodyguard and therefore strings were pulled - much to Dad's disappointment. But he lost four of his best friends since Boy Service out there, one of whom was my Godfather. Even though I was so very little, I remember only too well the feelings of fear, and sadness, and confusion... and I wouldn't wish those on anyone. Mine is the first generation in my family for 8 not to have served in some way - but that doesn't mean I don't understand the fear and the sacrifice. Your husband and his peers have my gratitude... as do all those who went before in order that my children, as well as their own, might live in a world that isn't dictated over and which is as free as it is ever likely to be. xx

  2. We're thinking of our service people too. I wish there was no more war.