Sunday, 2 October 2011

To market, to market to buy a fresh gourd......

Since I moved to Hilly Town I have heard tell of our exceptional local farmer's market in Stroud.  On Saturday the sun was shining and I was restless again (nothing new there, I'm a very restless person), Mr HT had gone on a errand for his parents and I decided that this was the day to try it out.  I admit that I had been afraid I might be disappointed and that I am stuck in the ways of the supermarket but it was simply too beautiful to stay in the house yesterday so off we girls trotted to market.

Well, I do not wish to gush but it was absolutely brilliant.  Stroud is such a bustling town anyway but on market day it was even more purposeful feeling than usual.  I was so pleased to discover that it really is a farmers market made up of fresh, delicious produce and a few stalls of beautiful local crafts.  There were no stalls of hideous clothes and cheap dvds at all.  Instead there was proper local produce...

Irresistible olives, which Mr HT and I enjoyed in front of the TV with a pizza after the little ones were in bed...

And, most importantly of all, gourds (or squashes if you prefer, but I like the word gourd for some reason), which I wanted for some autumnal inspiration around my house.  I had a strong suspicion that this would be the place to find them and sure enough there they were, in all their earthy beauty...

I'm enjoying having my little selection around the place, it's good to appreciate autumn and not just think wistfully of summer and anxiously of Christmas.  I knew that Mr HT would enjoy photographing these with his whizzy new camera, and sure enough he did...

This Summery weather is a wonderful gift and we are enjoying every moment of it here in Hilly Town, it will be sad to bid it goodbye but it is a beautiful illusion, The Gourds say that autumn will return and is full of potential for enjoyment as well.


  1. I am such a foody that a good Market makes feel all squirmy! I think you are right that it is a shame to let autumn pass by while moaning about missing summer. I am quite looking forward to wearing jumpers and scarves, how weird is that? I do love Christmas though, in fact you've got me thinking about again!

  2. I love Stroud market! It's a proper farmer's market. I have to admit I have a real soft spot for squash to look at and to eat. You can't beat squash and chilli soup! nom nom!

  3. Ooooh that looks like such a good market, I am not sure we get any good farmer's markets around where i live in scotland.....your squashes are looking very autumnal :)

  4. Everything seems a little more vibrant and delicious when bought at a farmer's market, doesn't it? Such a pretty autumnal display.