Monday, 24 October 2011

Monster Mash

Hello, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and that those of you who are in the UK are enjoying Half Term with your children.  We were very quiet this weekend because L is absolutely exhausted from her first half term at her new school.  She is doing brilliantly there, Mr HT and I are thrilled.  Despite the difficulties of the last few months it's all worth it to see her flourish and know that one day B will go to this school to.

On Friday L (and B, she wasn't invited but I had to take her anyway) got into their halloween togs and we all headed off to the school disco.  It was noisy and, whilst brilliant for the children, pretty horrific for the adults. I'm just too old for loud music I think.

We then had a quiet weekend doing not a lot.  It was brilliant just to let the girls mooch about and have a play with all their toys.  Have you ever noticed though that children only actually play with about a tenth of all the toys they possess?  The rest I am just storing for them.

Yesterday I managed to make time to create a long overdue Sock Toy for my nephew.  I've owed him this since the beginning of September but had a sewing machine malfunction which I have only just sorted out.  Anyway, here is Jim...

I've never made a sock monster before but he just sort of emerged from the socks concerned.   I never follow a pattern for them anymore, I allow the sock to guide me.  If anybody would like a nice pdf for a Sock Monkey, I can recommend this one.  It's on the left hand side of her homepage near the top.  Jaypeg was a great inspiration to me in the early stages of my sock creations.

Jim is a rather leggy monster, I thought about shortening them after he was finished but decided that he is what he is, and shortening his legs retrospectively might be cruel.

I don't often make these at the moment because they are very fiddly and I have been obsessed with yarncrafts over the past few months but I'm very happy with him.  I might even get on a bit of a roll with them and make a few for Christmas, they always make their recipients smile.

I'm not sure that I will have many yarny things to share this week as I'm going to be very busy with the children but we'll see, sometimes I surprise myself.  The rioting hitchiker (after one major malfunction) is coming along nicely, if a little slowly.

Have a lovely few days.


  1. Jim is lovely! What he needs is crocheted shorts LOL!!!;)
    I like his long legs it adds to his personality.

  2. How clever you are to make such a lovely soft toy. I agree he does need some crochet shorts.....xx

  3. Too old for loud music already? OH dear! Lets hope you survive the teen age years! LOL! Your sock monster is adorable, love the colours and for a monster he looks very cuddly!

  4. Jim is a super sock monser, I like the long legs, just right for poking out from behind things in a monstery fashion

  5. I'm so happy you left a comment in my blog because I just discovered yours and it is lovely :) I love your monster and I totally totally fall in love with your star-ripple :) it is stunning!

  6. He's super awesome! I have some socks that I was going to recycle, but I think this might be a much better way to do it!

  7. Love your sock monster! I've made sock monkeys for my grandkids.. if you go on my blog and find the search area on the right down below my links... and type in sock monkey, you can see some.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Jim is so cute! I love the closeup photo of his face. And his limbs are perfect.