Friday, 30 September 2011

While the mouse is away this cat went out to play...

Little B started nursery a couple of weeks ago.  It has taken me a while to find one that I am happy with and which also has places but eventually one emerged.  It's set up in a beautiful village about 10 minutes drive away and she seems to be very happy to go.  I suppose I ought to be glad that she is so confident, and I am glad, but maybe a backwards glance would have been nice.

Still, I can't blame her for loving it.  The ladies who run it are lovely, the other mummies and grannies are friendly, she's a sociable little soul and we both like the fact that we sometimes have to be late because there are cows meandering along the roads up on the common.  I'm going to try and get some pictures of them next week because they are rather lovely.

After missing two of her sessions this week she and I were both glad for her to go yesterday afternoon.  I had such good intentions you see, I was going to to spend a couple of hours sorting out the house while she played and learnt to share and all that other good stuff.  But when I got home the sun was shining and I couldn't stay in the house.  I walked the dog, but that was not enough, I simply needed to go to my favourite wool shop. Autumn must have been on my mind despite the sunshine because this is what I came back with...

That green isn't too bad is it?  I quite like it.  It's Bottle and is part of the Special DK range, my favourite stylecraft green is definitely Meadow but I needed an additional green for the project I have in mind.  I concluded that the Special range has orange issues as well.  This orange is actually from the Life DK range and is called Copper.  They do a similar one in the Special range but it is a touch darker and so wasn't as suitable for my needs.  I couldn't really find the orange I needed in a cheap and cheerful range and I didn't want to spend a fortune on a project which is deeply frivolous but I think this will be fine.  The yellow is Camel and is also from the Special DK range, it's quite a warm, deep yellow, not too brown but not too garish.  I love them together.

Whilst there I also bought a different colourway of a favourite yarn of of mine, King Cole Riot.  I made this scarf with it and loved it so I'm going to use it again to make this.  I know that the designer uses 4 ply but I have an issue with 4 ply.  I'm a slow worker and an impatient person.  I do not think that 4 ply will be my friend.  I haven't tried it yet mind you and my sister has given me lots of 4 ply sock remnants which are stunning so I may change my mind.  The King Cole DK is quite a fine DK anyway and has lovely stitch definition so I think it will be great.  The colours in this photo don't capture it at all.  I will try and get a better photo later with the help of Mr HT.  As you can see I cast on yesterday evening, my hands wanted a break from crochet and I fancied a change.  I'm enjoying the pattern, just the right level of challenge for a knitter like me.

Today we are at home, we've done the big shop, filled up the car and we're going to walk the dog up to the swings.  Not a bad way to spend the day really.  When I pick L up from school we're going to go out for an ice-cream, I haven't told her yet but she deserves a little treat just for being her.

Lastly but certainly not leastly a big thank you to everybody for their lovely comments about my last post.  I feel so much better about my round ripple now and was touched by peoples kind thoughts about B.  She is feeling "hine" now and she says "tank woo" as well.

I hope you find a way to enjoy todays beautiful weather.


  1. Glad that B is enjoying nursery - and what an excuse for being late! ("Sorry, lovely nursery teacher... there were cows strolling in our way!")

    We also love the meadow shade of the DK - it's such a beautiful spring-esque green, isn't it? With regards to the orange, I've only ever found a dark orange (which I also love, it's my favourite "go-to" colour, I have to admit) and a bright neon one in this range.

    And I thought the same about 4ply until I dyed my own. Now, I am very tempted to resist ever going back to DK. Personally, I've found it knits up a lot quicker, moves more smoothly across hook and needles, and - I guess because it's lighter - it also seems to trap heat more easily so is ideal for scarves/blankets etc. Then again, I might be biased as I dyed my own batch, but... ;)


    PS:- am thinking about blogging. How easy is it to set up?

  2. Lene,
    It's sooo easy. You just go to and it's like falling off a log, honestly.
    I also liked the dark orange but it was too dark for my needs.
    I'd love to read your blog.

  3. I have to say your a girl after my own heart I love Stylecraft but I think Riot is my favourite yarn ever.
    Glad you littlie is better and able to enjoy this fantastic weather.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. I have some balls of stylecraft, I have that peachy colour you have and a baby blue colour and its a very nice wool :)
    I love the pattern you are going to use with the King Cole Riot wool, it looks like it is going to be beautiful with those colours!!

    Sounds like things are being eventful with your family, although I found it very amusing that you get to be late due to cows having a little wander...I must say I have a friend who has a similar problem too!
    I am glad to hear that B is feeling 'hine' now he he, take care.

  5. those are lovely yarn colors! they look so soft, too =)

  6. Ooh, ooh, I'm going to cast on HitchHiker in King Cole Riot very, very soon too.
    Great minds :)