Tuesday, 13 September 2011

One A Day: A new philosophy for life?

Some of you may recall that last week I was having something of a crisis of conscience about starting a new project while I had so many others on the go.  Some of you lovely people advised me in one direction, some in the other.  I thought it over and concluded that, provided I did not buy any more supplies for making another blanket, it was OK to start a new one.

Having checked through my favourites list on Ravelry (it's long...very, very long) I was reminded of how much I like these.  I do not like all round ripples, but this woman's work shows something of the wonderful effects one can make using these patterns.  After all, one of the great things about crochet is the ability to work in circles, something which other than a failed attempt at a placemat I have not yet attempted.  I used to think that round blankets were a funny idea but having watched my children I had a rethink.  For a start they sleep curled up in a ball and also, because round blankets do not get enormous, they will find them much easier to manoeuvre in bed.

So cracking open my unopened stylecraft pack I decided that to start off with I would complete one colour a day. Rapidly this became unmanageable and I have now moved to one circuit a day, provided I have completed a line of my granny stripe which I am finishing off concurrently.

This is it so far, being held by a rather unwilling model today:

This is the last time I will get her to hold it for me as it is her Christmas present and from now on will be made after she has gone to bed.  

As for the granny stripe, it is trotting along quite happily.  I am not going to show it again as, quite frankly, to the casual onlooker it will look no different now until it is finished.  For the record I have 26 more rows until I can attempt my first border.

And the new philosophy on life?  This week I have completed one load of washing a day and cleaned one floor of the house a day.  This is a remarkably efficient way of working.  Now I am trying to think of other areas of my life I can apply the One A Day philosophy to.  Maybe one bit of paperwork a day?  Or phoning one friend a day for a catch up?  Any ideas gratefully received.  

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  1. Gutted I managed to delete all the lovely comments on this one to, I think I must be going down with something, that's so unlike me to mess up like that.
    Thank you all so much, the colours are going to be all the colours of a rainbow in the end I hope, so I suppose I didn't really choose how they are gong to go together. I've got a different idea for the one I will make my older daughter. They are all Stylecraft dk acrylics, I love working in the stylecraft and have a good stash of colours. X